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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Argent {Kit} (9703) [2012-]

Estes Argent - G64-10 - Onboard 808 Camera (2014-11-05)
Estes Argent launching on a G64-10 with an 808 keychain camera. Altitude: 1,855' Speed: 284 mph [View]
Estes Argent F-23fj (2017-07-22)
First flight of the Estes Argent with a single use Aerotech F23FJ. Successful low flight. [View]
ESTES Argent Launch on G80-7T with Chute Release (2018-03-16)
ESTES Argent at 3/11/18 Club Launch using an ESTES G80-7T composite motor and a Jolly Roger Chute Release set for 400 ft. [View]
Estes Argent ROSC 3/12 Club Launch (with Chute Release) (2016-03-13)
Estes Argent on a CTI F59. This combo definitely works better on a 9 second delay; did a 7 here and it was too soon. Chute Release did EXACTLY what it was supposed to. From the ground, it looked ... [View]
Estes Argent, F23-4FJ (2017-05-15)
Estes Argent launch, slo-mo [View]
Estes Pro Series 2 Argent Launch F Motor (F26-6FJ) (2013-11-21)
What's up Everybody? Thanks for Watching! Still on my quest to find the perfect rocket in this video I manage to launch and film the Estes Pro Series 2 "Argent" rocket and let me tell you guys this ... [View]