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Ariel High Power Rocket Launch H143SS (2006-11-06)
Bonfire Night launch of our PML Ariel HPR on a 2 grain 247H143SS-13A with the delay cut to 8 seconds on a very calm sunny day, apogee reached 1582', total flight time 62 seconds. [View]
PML Ariel 9/29/10 At SOJARS, This is what happens when you forget to attach the nose cone. (2019-09-29)
PML Ariel on a CTI G115-5 at SOJARS, 9/29/19. I forgot to attach the quick link to the nose cone! Captured by a Mobius on-board camera! [View]
PML Ariel on a Cesaroni Pro 38 G69-5 (2006-11-08)
PML Ariel launched on a Cesaroni Pro 38 single grain G69-5, launched on 5/11/2006 to a height of 486'. [View]
PML Ariel, 2-10-19 at MDRA (2019-02-12)
PML Ariel on an Cesaroni H123-8 SK at MDRA, 2-10-19. Chute Release at 500'. Good flight. [View]