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Manufacturer: Art Applewhite Rockets

Art Applewhite Cluster Saucer

Cluster Flying Saucer Kit with 3 complete interchangeable motor mounts that can be changed at any time.

Components include cardstock to form the top and bottom, fiberglass tape, foam backed board, 75mm core tube, and motor mount tubes.

The assembly is a departure from the usual 3 fins and a nosecone rocket. The included assembly instructions are straightforward and include helpful pictures. The top, formed from cardstock, is reinforced by using fiberglass tape on the inside and a coating of epoxy. I used the recommended Devcon 2 hour epoxy from Walmart.

You can specify various colors for the cardstock when you order. I used no paint initially. I later refurbished the saucer and gave it a coat of Krylon H20 paint with good results.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

Art Applewhite Cluster Saucer

The flying is the best part. Most of my flights have been with the 3x24mm mount. C11s seemed to only give only about 50 feet. I would not use them. D12s are good. E9s are best with the three second burn. I used a clip whip and the club's heavy duty launch system. I have had a lot of success with getting all three motors to light and a few failures. When one motor lit, the saucer just cleared the rod and did a few back flips before landing six feet from the pad. Two motors lit and the saucer did a long arc, but nothing too dramatic. You can use BP -0 motors, but I have had success with the short delays. The ejection charges from BP motors are a nice effect on the way down. Recently, I used the 29mm mount with a F25 and the 38mm mount with a H73. The H73 is very impressive with the black smoke.

Art Applewhite Cluster SaucerArt Applewhite Cluster SaucerArt Applewhite Cluster Saucer

A great feature about Art Applewhite saucers is no recovery device required. According to Art's web site the decent rate is between 23 and 32 feet per second. I have had no damage except one small ding in the top that was repairable. There is never a long walk, I don't know how you could lose this rocket.

Art Applewhite Cluster Saucer

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

The pro to this rocket is minimal prep time and an attention getting flight, particularly on three E9s. Likewise, the interchangeable mounts are a plus allowing BP and AP flights with at least twenty five different motor types. If the winds or low clouds have fliers holding off flights, you can bring out the Cluster Saucer and have some fun.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5



BM (January 8, 2006)
Art Applewhites products are top notch and priced right. I was at the launch and it?s flight was super to say the least. I?ll be adding one to my fleet real soon.

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