Manufacturer: Art Applewhite Rockets
(by Mike Salter)

Rocket PicBrief:
This is another of Art's flying saucer collection, this one is 7.25" in diameter and will fly to heights between 150 to 300 feet.

All of the components were of high quality, the tube was neatly cut and the fin material was basswood for extra strength. The top and core sections are made of card stock and the bottom is a plastic party plate.

Art's instructions are very clear and include good size diagrams to stop you going wrong, in total the instructions take up three pages and are in 25 steps. I won't take you through construction order so as not to repeat Dick's review above too much. The most difficult stage in this kit is cutting the inner circle out of the plastic plate, a template is given to guide you but as is suggested in the instructions its best to make several lighter passes round the plate. I managed to cut the basswood fins slightly to small (fool!) so the fin section was a bit loose within the core.

You can get many designs pre-printed on the top core of the saucer but I bought a plain one and decided to paint the top cone and fin section silver then the core and plate black. I tested my paint on the scrap bit of plate cut out earlier to check there would be no bad affects.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

The flights on this saucer are excellent, this model is great introduction flying saucers and a good way to start breaking away from standard rockets. It's very easy to prep as you only need install the motor/ignitor so you can lots of flights of it in a short time. The model leaves the pad quite quickly but once the propellant is burnt it slows down quickly then turns over and come down top first.

The model tumbles down but in a very controlled way staying 'nose' down all the way. As by fin section was loose with the core it was knocked out on one landing, I also feel a little damage to the motor tube could be sustained if it landed on something hard.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

This model is easy to construct and provides great flights, its available in lots of good designs but if you don't like any of them you can still buy a plain one. Cons - Well none!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5


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