Art Applewhite Rockets - Yamikazi {Kit}

Contributed by Dick Stafford

Manufacturer: Art Applewhite Rockets
(Contributed - by Dick Stafford - 10/24/07) (Scratch) Yarmikaze

This is a quick and dirty saucer-style rocket based on a yarmulke that I got at a Jewish wedding that I attended. The way I built it, it was ARF (almost ready to fly), but then, I cheated!

I was thinking about building a custom core for the yarmulke when I found the Ultra Delta Saucer fit just nicely. I cut a small hole in the yarmulke to accommodate the launch rod and tack-sewed it to the saucer in 4 spots.

Parts list:

(Scratch) Yarmikaze

Build the saucer as described in the instructions (see EMRR review linked above). Attach the yarmulke as noted in the Modifications section.

This rocket flies just like the original but is funnier. I flew mine on an E9-P. 100% Kosher!

Not much else to say. I'm almost embarrassed to submit it as a review.

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