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5 Model Rocket Launches - Two with onboard Estes Astrocam Camera. (2020-08-14)
Mini Max, Mini Honest John, Crossfire ISX, 2 Custom Rockets. [View]
Astrocam 01 (2020-08-18)
An Astrocam movie taken at American Heroes Park in Bellevue, Nebraska. The first time that I got the new version of an Astrocam to work right. Flown on a B6-4 engine. Incorrect time stamp. [View]
Astrocam flight 2 - trimmed and with gauges (2020-08-02)
Updated version with better speed and added Gs data here: Trimmed version of prior video of the second flight of my new Estes Astrocam. Also added altitude and speed ... [View]
Astrocam Flight 2 on B6-4 - July 30, 2020 (2020-07-31)
New Estes Astrocam flown at Sixty Acres Park in Redmond, WA on July 30, 2020. (date stamp on video is incorrect). Model is stock and flown on an Estes B6-4. FlightSketch Mini aboard for altitude ... [View]
Astrocam flight 2 updated - speed gauge revised, Gs added (2020-08-04)
Second flight of my new Estes Astrocam at Sixty Acres Park, Redmond, Washington on July 30th (datestamp on video is incorrect). Estes B6-4 motor. Data via FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Flight data ... [View]
Astrocam flight 9 - Estes C6-5 (2020-08-11)
Ninth flight on my Astrocam. Powered by an Estes C6-5. This flight went pretty much all as it should. Flown at Sixty Acres Park, Redmond, WA from the north field on August 7th, 2020. Data for ... [View]
Estes Astrocam flight #2 8-15-2020 (2020-08-16)
Estes Astrocam flight #2 on a B6-4 [View]
Estes Astrocam flight 8-15-2020 (2020-08-16)
Flight footage of the new Estes Astrocam with a B6-4 [View]
Estes Astrocam Onboard Video, Old astrocam w/USBCam and Newly released Estes Astrocam 2020 at Target (2020-08-09)
Two flights, Vintage Astrocam has a $7 1080p USB Camera from China - unknown brand, but can do night vision and motion sensing (records automatically). Astrocam 2020 released exclusively at Target. ... [View]
Estes Mongoose Model Rocket w/Onboard Camera (2020-08-30)
Estes Mongoose single stage, onboard camera is the new estes astrocam from the Target Kit. BP C6-7 motor, w/Estes Altimeter. Apogee 508', safe recovery. It was a little windy but with the rocket ... [View]
First land-based video from my Estes Astrocam (2020-07-29)
Since I didn't have a chance to launch a rocket today, this is just a video walking around outside the house using the camera included in the Astrocam kit from Estes Industries. [View]
New Estes Astro-Cam Kit 2020 (2020-08-23)
The new little digital camera equipped with the Estes AstroCam rocket of 2020 is pretty neat. [View]