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Clustard 2.0 (2011-12-31)

I211W Staged to 3 x G64W LCX in Booster and ignited 2nd stage. HCX in Sustainer for full graphing

OUTBACK THUNDA AFT Camera (2011-12-08)

OUTBACK THUNDA at LDRS30 in Argonia, Kansas. This was the first of 2 flights on a N2600 and 3 x J381 Skidmarks. Some interesting points: 1. The paint job is actually a big decal which didn't quite like the heat from the motor. 2. At approx 36seconds, one of the 38mm cases jettisoned making for some cool footage. 3. Upon landing, the wind was fairly strong on the ground whch caught the chute and dragged the rocket for a couple of minutes before coming to rest on a fencepost. Fortunately there was not damage and ready for the second flight.

OUTBACK THUNDA FWD Camera (2011-12-31)

OUTBACK THUNDA at LDRS30 in Argonia Kansas. This is the camera facing forward, however had an issue part way through, so not the entire flight. Notice how much movement there is once seperated bewteen the Booster Coupler and mid airframe.

Safety Rocket Go Boom (2012-01-25)

Safety Rocket on a P5,466 and 3 x L motors at LDRS30.

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