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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Baby Bertha {Kit} (1261) [2002-]

Bertha Rocket (2006-11-19)
Another Estes Bertha [View]
Launching "Little Bertha" (2009-03-29)
Dave, Karen, and I discover the perfect flying field for the maiden launching of Dave's first model rocket in decades. All three of us contributed towards the building of Little Bertha, and ... [View]
Big Baby Bertha on D12-5, January 14, 2012 (2012-01-18)
This is an upscale version of the Estes "Baby Bertha" that I built. It flies rather nicely. Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958! [View]
Epic II, Olympus and other Estes Rocket Launches (2019-12-28)
Shows launches of the following Estes rockets: Olympus, Baby Bertha, Goblin, Wizard, Nike-X, Hi-Flier, Citation Patriot and Epic II. [View]
Estes Baby Bertha and Majestic (2019-01-06)
Another fun day flying some rockets, no drone today because the rain was starting to fall. Rockets were a Baby Bertha on B6-4, C6-5 and Majestic on E16-6 #modelrocket #modelrocketry #rocketry ... [View]
Model Rocket Launches include Mean Machine, Odyssey, Hi-Flier XL and more (2020-06-01)
In this video we launch the following Estes model rockets, in order: Mean Machine; U.S. Army Patriot M-104; Odyssey; Dragonite; Hi-Flier XL; Crossfire ISX; Star Trooper; Baby Bertha (2 different ... [View]
Rocket Fun #1 Onboard (2012-08-14)
a montage of launches over the past few weeks [View]