By David Frey



I found a couple of different 3D models that I have been tinkering with and came up with Baleron. The fincan comes from Digbaddy's Estes Goblin - BT60/29mm Motor Builder's Kit and the nose cone was sourced from Vecinimod's Minimum Diameter High Power Rocket. I used ~ 180mm of BT60 body tube for the airframe and cut 29mm MMT to fit within the fincan, after resizing the motor mount tube (MMT) to accommodate the motor tube. I did not get it quite right and the tube was too tight, so I will need to open it a bit more for future builds. I also used my own 3D-printed motor retainer modified from Wardy89 (

Steps in the build:

  • Printed all the pieces (see file below) separately
  • Joined the MMT to the fincan using 5-minute epoxy, leaving just enough hanging out the back for the motor retainer
  • Fed ~6 feet of 150lb kevlar thread through the fincan hole provided for the shock cord and wrapped the end below the fincan.
  • Joined the motor retainer ring to the MMT with 5min epoxy, making sure the shock cord was wrapped and did not interfere
  • Joined the airframe tube to the fincan with 5min epoxy, feeding the shock cord up the inside of the tube.
  • Added a 1/4" eyebolt to the EBay sled that screws into the nosecone
  • Added an 18" Estes Chute
  • Added clay to the nose cone to get a stability caliber of ~ 1.5
  • Painted flat black
  • Applied white custom decals (unfortunately, no pictures of the decals)

Files, including OpenRocket sims, can be found here:

Balerion Mk1



After the rocket gods took Mk1, I ran another print for Mk2. I tweaked the print just a bit, but nothing of consequence.

Balarion Mk2