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Ballistic Spiral

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Published:2007-08-18 10:49:01

This mini-movie includes highlights of onboard video from a NYPower 12 launch of my Aerotech Initiator. The flight was short and eventful, with more than usual spin, and a bonus delay leading down to a low altitude, high velocity chute deployment. It's the only video I've done that lingers so long on the view of the clouds in the sky. The video equipment is a BoosterVision GearCam mounted as a pair of strapon pods. The camera is in one pod mounted near the top of the airframe. The battery is in another, mounted on the opposite side of the airframe. The motor is an AeroTech G33 reload. The receiving groundstation is the GearCam receiver with a home built patch antenna. An AIPTEK MPVR digital camcorder was used to record the flight data and accompanying ground footage. The initial flight arc, and moderate spin, are believed to have been due to some rod binding against the camera mount ties, combined with asymmetrical drag of the camera cable.

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