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My Mach 2 Rocket Launch at BALLS 19 (2010-09-27)
My carbon fiber rocket with GPS transmission from the prototype G-wiz avionics bay screams to Mach 2.17 on a CTI N2850 motor, reaching about 33K ft. It was a perfect flight, with computer deployed ... [View]
Black Brant Project (2006-12-09)
wedge oldhams full scale black brant [View]
Q motor (2006-11-07)
A badass high powered rocket (Not my video) [View]
P rocket motor CATO at BALLS (2009-05-12)
A 6 inch diameter "P" solid fueled rocket motor has a Catastrophic Failure at Takeoff (CATO) at the BALLS launch Black Rock Desert, Nevada [View]
Tripoli Rocketry Association's 'Balls' experimenal Launch (2006-10-09)
Approximately 200 rocket enthusiasts were on the Black Rock Desert to blast rockets thousands of feet into the sky for the 15th annual National Research Launch of the Tripoli Rocketry Association -- ... [View]
Downright Ignorant Rocket Launch (2006-10-26)
The Downright Ignorant Rocket was a rocket launched at BALLS 2 in the Black Rock desert, Nevada on August 17th, 1992. The BALLS experimental launches were conducted after the Tripoli LDRS XI ... [View]
Beer Keg Rocket Crashes at BALLS 2011 (2011-10-03)
A large rocket with a keg of beer as a payload crashes at the BALLS 2011 Rocket Launch, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Nobody was hurt and the keg of beer survived. [View]
tuff enough flight #2 (2011-10-04)
Tuff Enough..98mm min dia hand layed fiberglass rocket flying on a N1700 Swamp Gas. Flew to 37K 2.2 mach [View]
"Baby Q" 13 M motors! (2014-09-23)
Thirteen M motors light at different times pushing this -500lb rocket sideways toward Callico at BALLS23 [View]
"Code Red XL" - EX N6000, BALLS 24 (2015-10-13)
5" diameter rocket, "Code Red XL" on an N6000 at BALLS 24. Motor by Pete Ekstrom, video by Aidan Sojourner. [View]
"Not an Engineer" - EX L1200, BALLS 24 (2015-10-13)
2" MD rocket, "Not an Engineer" on an L1200 at BALLS 24. Video by Jacob Braibish. [View]
3/4 scale Nike Rocket launch, Balls 2017 (2017-09-25)
Balls 2017 Rocket Launch is an annual event where research rockets are launched in the Black Rock Desert, NV. Here is a 3/4 scale Nike rocket launch that did not go well. O motor, 11.5" in diameter, ... [View]
Balls 2011 - Rob French rocket launch (2011-10-07)
A two stage rocket but unfortunately we only had the motor for the booster. The motor was a O 5000 made by Don. [View]
Balls 2012 Rocket On-board Video (2012-09-23)
On-board video of my successful rocket flight to 24,000 feet on September 21, 2012 at BALLS rocket launch, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Rocket flown on a 3 inch O.D. 9000 Nsec total impulse, case ... [View]
Balls 2013 FCY Video to 118,000 feet (2013-09-30)
This is an on-board video from my 2013 flight at Balls (the FourCarbYen two-stager). The rocket reached 118,000 feet. The descent is very chaotic, but use the pause button to see a lot of nice ... [View]
Balls 2013 FourCarbYen Video with Split (2013-10-07)
This is an on-board video from my 2013 flight at Balls (the FourCarbYen two-stager). The rocket reached 118,000 feet. The descent is very chaotic, but use the pause button to see a lot of nice ... [View]
BALLS 2017 rocket launches (2017-09-26)
BALLS is the most extreme launch event in the world. By far. Our two launches were among the smaller projects: 1) 13' tall fiberglass Warped Reality on a N3180 Redline and 2) hitting Mach 1.8 and ... [View]
Balls 2017 Video (2017-09-30)
This video is from an unsuccessful three stage flight rocket at Balls (September 2017). [View]
Balls 2018 On Board Video - 175,000 Feet! (2018-09-30)
This three-stage flight was performed by Jim Jarvis (with lots of help) at Balls 27 on September 21, 2018. The launch was help at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The flight reached about 175,000 ... [View]
Balls 2019 Rocket Flight to 142,000 Feet (2019-10-01)
This video is of a two-stage rocket at Balls 28 (September 2019). The rocket achieved an altitude of over 142,000 feet. One notable aspect of the flight was that it was completely controlled by the ... [View]
Balls 26 Tim Covey, Hybrid Rocket 2017 (2017-09-27)
Balls 26 Tim Covey Hybrid with Spin-up, De-Spin Thruster at 35,000ft [View]
Balls 28 - 2019: David Fliger's "The Rocket Junkies" Level 3 Certification Flight (2019-09-26)
Level 3 Certification flight at Balls 28 in the Black Rock Desert, 4" Diameter rocket about 9 feet long to about 14,000 feet at Mach 1.2. Powered by a CTI 75mm 4 Grain - M 1830 C-star motor. ... [View]
BALLS28 HalfLife - 98mm, M1340 (2019-09-23)
Flight of my Blue Iguana, 5" rocket at BALLS 28 in Blackrock desert, September 20th, 2019. Additional footage from Stu Cobb (thanks Stu!) [View]
Drone Deploy Rocket Launch (2018-09-28)
Our fiberglass and carbon fiber rocket screamed to 13,000 ft. and Mach 1 over the Black Rock Desert this weekend at BALLS 27. The on-board video camera caught the whole flight, but the asymmetry on ... [View]
Grabthar's Hammer (Wildman Mach 2 Rocket) L935IM BALLS 22Sep2019 (2019-09-25)
Tower launched Wildman Mach 2 rocket goes to 27,968' on a CTI L935 IM motor at Balls 28 in Black Rock Desert Nevada on September 22, 2019. [View]
High Power Rocketry - LDRS XVII, LDRS 17, BALLS-008, AUG 6-AUG 11 1998, Bonneville Salt Flats Utah (2019-12-29)
High Power Rocketry - LDRS XVII, LDRS 17, BALLS-008, AUG 6-AUG 11 1998, Bonneville Salt Flats Utah [View]
Lou Bragg Hobgoblin L1275 (2020-06-23)
Cool Flight of Lou Bragg Hobgoblin on an L-1275 From Balls 17 DVD [View]
Other Peoples' Rockets at BALLS 2018 (2018-09-25)
OPR: 1) A high-power drag race of oversized Der Max rockets 2) A P10000 launch, with an O3400 sustainer 3) a 3-stage rocket with 3 N motors and active stabilization and 4) air-starting 4 J motors, ... [View]
Our "Green Planet" 🚀 Launch: 0 to Mach 1.8 in 1.8 seconds (2019-09-28)
We took our light and skinny (54mm minimum-diameter) rocket supersonic at the BALLS launch event over the weekend — it just rips into to the clouds, pulling 67g's going 0 to Mach 1.8 in 1.8 ... [View]
Quantum Nike Rocket at BALLS 2018, with videocam on Board (2018-09-24)
We launched our reliable Quantum Nike rocket this weekend on a sparky K850 motor at the BALLS launch event in the Black Rock Desert. Blasted from 0 to 1,078 MPH (Mach 1.4) in 2 seconds flat. Rocket ... [View]
ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Jim Devreau Nike Tomahawk (2015-01-26)
Jim Devreau's Nike Tomahawk flight at Balls 23 [View]
ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Ken Overton Check my Shorts (2015-01-26)
Ken Overton's Check my Shorts flight at Ballsl 23 [View]
ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Scott Binder Horizon L3 (2015-01-27)
Scott Binder's Horizon for his Level 3 at Balls 23 [View]
ROCKETS Mag BALLS 24 David Hassinger Fuzzy Bunny (2016-01-09)
Fuzzy Bunny rocket of David Hassingers at BALLS 24 [View]
ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 20 Team Hardtail (2014-04-05)
Team Hardtail's Nike Apache Wallops on an O3200 staging to an M600 at BALLS 20 [View]
ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 21 Liz Johnson (2014-04-01)
Liz Johnson's Private A rocket on a M1648, four J400's at BALLS 21 launch [View]
ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 22 Jay Holcombe (2014-03-24)
BALLS 22 launch Jay Holcombe rocket launch [View]
Two stage with Kate (2018-09-25)
Multitronix Kate on board a two stage flight at BALLS 27 2018. [View]
Twp Stage High Power Rocket at BALLS 2019 (2019-09-29)
Booster worked perfectly fine, we still don't know what happened two seconds after sustainer ignition. This was one of the Class 3 Projects from the Away Cell [View]
Upscale Spy vs Spy rocket on-board video at BALLS 17 (2008-10-03)
This is the on-board video of my upscale Spy vs Spy rocket flying at BALLS 17 on two NASSA red L665 experimental motors. [View]