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Ares 1-X Launch: Liftoff! (2009-10-28)
Booster ignition and liftoff of the Ares IX flight test vehicle! For the first time since 1981, a new rocket is rising from Launch Complex 39. Ares IX is beginning a 20-second "fly-away" steering ... [View]

Ares 1-X Launch: Press Site 1 (2009-10-28) (DELETED)
Launc hseen from Press Site 1 Camera. [View]

ARES Deploy at Mars (2010-01-06) (DELETED)
Animation of the reentry and deploy of the ARES Mars Airplane, the Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey of Mars. [View]

Armadillo Aerospace Competes in Contennial Challenges (2009-09-22) (DELETED)
Armadillo Aerospace Corp. flew a vehicle named Scorpius on two, three-minute flights between launch and landing pads 60 meters apart on Saturday, Sept. 12, successfully completing a level 2 flight ... [View]

How Does the Space Shuttle Work: The Launch Processing System (2009-06-03)
How does the Space Shuttle work is a serie of videos about parts of the Space Shuttle. [View]

Life in Orbit - International Space Station Tour [HD] (2009-02-13) (DELETED)
Experience Zero-G in HD, through the eyes of space station Expedition 13 astronauts Jeff Williams and Pavel Vinogradov. [View]

NASA/NOAA GOES-O: Countdown To Launch� (2009-07-03) (DELETED)
Andre Dress, GOES-O Deputy Project Manager highlights the importance of the mission, testing prior to launch, the Delta IV rocket, and more. See the exciting footage of the GOES-O launch. [View]

NOAA's GOES-O Ready To Launch [HD] (2009-06-19)
This video shows a quick tour and overview of the facilities where the GOES-O satellite was built and tested prior to launch. GOES-O was integrated by Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems in El ... [View]

Russian Mini Research Module Docking to the ISS (2009-11-12) (DELETED)
The new Russian Mini-Research Module 2 (MRM2), also known as Poisk, docked to the space-facing port of the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station Thursday at 10:41 am EST. It began ... [View]

Space Shuttle Atlantis: Into the Sunset [HD] (2010-05-14)
With STS-132 as the last planned mission for space shuttle Atlantis, a few of those who have witnessed this shuttle's long career throughout the years exprress their thoughts. Guests include: Hugh ... [View]

Space Shuttle Documentary (Narrated by William Shatner) Part 3/6 (2011-07-02) (DELETED)
This feature-length documentary looks at the history of the most complex machine ever built. For 30 years, NASA's space shuttle carried humans to and from space, launched amazing observatories, and ... [View]

STS-119 Discovery Launch 15 March 2009 (2009-03-16) (DELETED)
Candrea Thomas/NASA Launch Commentator Twelve... ten. Kennedy Launch Control BOS is "go" for main engine start. Candrea Thomas/NASA Launch Commentator Sixfivefourthreetwo oneand booster ... [View]

STS-119 Discovery Launch SRB Cameras Views (2009-03-26)
Views of liftoff and SRB separation from onboard cameras from the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery on it's STS-119 mission on 15 March 2009. [View]

STS-123 TCDT (Launch Dress Rehearsel) (2008-12-12)
Commander Dom Gorie, Pilot Greg Johnson and Mission Specialists Rick Linnehan, Bob Behnken, Mike Foreman, Garrett Reisman and Japanese astronaut Takao Doi are looking to rocket into orbit on March 11 ... [View]

STS-124 Launch Rehearsal (2008-12-08) (DELETED)
The crew of space shuttle Discovery's STS-124 mission arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida to take part in the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test on May 6. Space Shuttle Launch ... [View]

STS-125 Atlantis Launch a Step Closer (2009-04-03)
Space shuttle Atlantis moved three miles closer to space Tuesday March 31 as workers rolled it to Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The trip from the Vehicle Assembly ... [View]

STS-127 Endeavour Launch (2009-07-16)
Under a cloud-washed sky, space shuttle Endeavour rises majestically from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on the STS-127 mission to the International Space Station. Liftoff ... [View]

STS-127 Endeavour Launch Scrup Monday 13 July 09 (2009-07-14)
Endeavour's Launch "No Go" Due to Weather Monday, 13 Jul 2009. Officials at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida have called off today's liftoff of space shuttle Endeavour due to inclement ... [View]

STS-127 Endeavour: Launch Part 2 (2009-07-15)
Main engine cutoff is confirmed: space shuttle Endeavour has reached orbit. The shuttle lifted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida as planned at 7:17 am EDT and began its orbital chase ... [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch Countdown Farewell [HD] (2009-11-19)
Launch Director Leinbach gives the astronauts of Atlantis a farewell. [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch HD (2009-11-19)
Space shuttle Atlantis and its six-member crew began an 11-day delivery flight to the International Space Station on Monday with a 2:28 pm EST launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The ... [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch Press Site TV-50 [HD] (2009-11-18)
Launch from Atlantis for the STS-129 mission seen from Press Site TV-50. [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch: VAB Roof (2009-11-16)
The launch seen from the VAB Roof. [View]

STS-131 Discovery Crew TCDT - Launch Dress Rehearsel [CC] (2010-03-06)
After arriving at the Kennedy Space Center, the seven-member crew of the next space shuttle mission eagerly participated in a week's worth of training activities to prepare for their upcoming ... [View]

STS-131 Discovery Crew Trains at the Kennedy Space Center (2010-03-03) (DELETED)
The STS-131 crew arrived at the Kennedy Space Center on Monday ( March 1 ) for a week of standard prelaunch training and a full-dress launch rehearsal known as the Terminal Countdown Demonstration ... [View]

STS-132 Atlantis: Ingress part 3 (2010-08-23) (DELETED)
e astronauts are boarding Space Shuttle Atlantis. [View]

STS-135 Launch Replay UCS-15 (TV-21A) (2011-07-09)
STS-135 Launch Replay UCS-15 (TV-21A) [View]

Taurus is OCO's Ride to Space (2009-02-24) (DELETED)
UPDATE: Mission Fails! NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory, or OCO, is set to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard a four-stage Taurus XL rocket. Tapescript: Both the ... [View]

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