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BatRok MK II

By Robert Belknap

Semroc - Bat Rok {Kit} (KV-53)

This is me second Batrok kit.  I built t' first one for me son t' launch at his cub scout Rocket Jamboree on 10/09/2011.  In anticipation o' it nay lastin' through t' day, I orded a second kit. Well, blow me down! My main objective with this build is t' improve t' final finish o' t' rocket. Things I want t' pay closer attention to:

  • glue fillets
  • fillin' / sandin' fins and nose cone
  • maskin' areas for painting
  • patience when painting. (multiple lighter coats)

I have some notes from t' first build that I will be usin' as I do this one. I plan t' document where I deviate from t' printed instructions as well.

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