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By bbrockert

2000 foot rocket flight four point parachute harness (2010-07-11) (NEW)
A flight of the Armadillo Aerospace "Mod" vehicle on 2010.06.26. This was the first flight test of a four-point drogue attachment system, which increases the stability of the system when falling ... [View]

2008/11/11-1 Slomo 500lbf Liquid Rocket Test (2008-11-12) (DELETED)
High speed video (300fps/one tenth speed) of the very first fire on Masten Space Systems' new VTVL rocket vehicle, XA-0.1B. A four engine vehicle, this is engine Y+. This first test is a start ... [View]

500lbf Rocket Engine Testing (2008-12-03) (DELETED)
Testing very small throttle movements with a 500 pound-force throttleable rocket engine on Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B rocket vehicle. The engine runs on liquid oxygen and isopropyl alcohol, and ... [View]

Aluminum engine by Masten Space (2009-05-23) (DELETED)
A firing of a Masten Space Systems lox/ipa rocket engine, using an all aluminum chamber. [View]

Aluminum rocket engine on XA-0.1B-750 slomo (2009-05-28) (DELETED)
The last firing of the evening with the new aluminum chambered engine on Masten Space Systems' XA-0.1B-750 single engine VTVL flight demonstrator. The aluminum engine is incredibly light compared to ... [View]

Armadillo Aerospace 2000ft Rocket Robot Roll Vane Flight (2010-07-05) (NEW)
A flight to 2000ft AGL of an Armadillo Aerospace "Mod" VTVL rocket, with a shiny new actuated roll vane, 2010/06/22. Rather than using cold gas thrusters to move the vehicle around the vertical axis ... [View]

Autonomous Rocket Robot Vertical Takeoff and Landing (2010-02-22) (NEW)
A test flight of Masten Space Systems' ( Xombie vertical takeoff/vertical landing rocket vehicle, on February 12th, 2010. This flight was to 68.6 meters above launch level, and ... [View]

Disassembly of Xoie (2010-03-05) (DELETED)
On December 9 2009, Ken, Joel and I took apart Xoie, the rocket with which we (Masten Space Systems) won the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Level 2, aka one million dollars. This video is ... [View]

First Rocket Hover of 2010! (2010-01-14) (DELETED)
Actually it's the second, the first was just before this but wasn't very long. Trying out a new controller. It does good on altitude, but is a bit too chilled out about position. The objective was ... [View]

Flight 5 of XA-0.1B-750 (2009-05-24) (DELETED)
The fifth flight of Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 single engine rocket vehicle of awesomeness. Here it gets a slight case of the vapors and does what we call a "hard abort", in which it shuts ... [View]

Flometrics Biodiesel-LOX Rocket Flight (2009-07-14) (DELETED)
The flight of Flometrics' LOX-Biodiesel rocket. The engine puts out 1000lbf nominally, pushing the rocket to near Mach 1. The rocket was built by Flometrics, The fuel was made by ... [View]

Flying Xombie rocket robot plummets majestically - three view (2010-05-28) (DELETED)
Masten Space Systems Xombie rocket vehicle takes off with an alcohol/liquid oxygen engine, shuts the engine off in a fit of pique, and restarts it to land. Very very scary if you're there and you ... [View]

Four and a half foot boosted hop, rocket throttle flight, 27 January 2010 (2010-01-29) (DELETED)
Here's the first Masten Space "boosted hop", where the rocket has strong acceleration, a parabolic coast phase over the top, and another strong acceleration for landing. You can see when the engine ... [View]

High speed video rocket mach diamond shock diamonds (2009-01-08) (NEW)
Closeup of rocket fire in high speed, with a bit of a startup transient. The pulsing at the end is the purge gas pushing the extra propellant in the lines out. The rocket is hinged and is commanded ... [View]

Hybrid rocket engine by Jeff Jakob (2009-03-08)
A hybrid rocket engine built and static tested by Jeff Jakob, The rocket was tested at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry test site in the Mojave desert. [View]

Masten Space Flight 10 2009.07.02 (2009-07-03) (DELETED)
The first test of 'autoland' capability on Masten Space Systems' XA-0.1B-750 vertical takeoff, vertical landing rocket vehicle. The vehicle is commanded to take off, then land itself and shut off ... [View]

Masten Space flying rocket robot lofted over the top - first ever engine relight! (2010-05-27) (DELETED)
Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 rocket vehicle takes off, translates off the pad, boosts, shuts of the engine, I have a heart attack and die, then it relights the engine and comes back down to the ... [View]

Masten Space Lunar Lander Challenge Leg 2 - Out (2009-11-05) (DELETED)
The out looking camera from the pad B to pad A flight of the level 2 of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. There's the airplane storage area, the Mojave Air & Space Port flight line, ... [View]

Masten Space NGLLC Level 2 Handheld (2009-10-07) (DELETED)
Since I didn't have to hold an abort button for these flights, I held a camera. Here is the second NGLLC flight of 07 October 2009. This qualified us for a $150000 prize. [View]

Masten Space Systems first flight (2009-05-08) (DELETED)
The very first flight attempt on Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 vertical takeoff, vertical landing rocket vehicle. A liquid oxygen/isopropyl alcohol, 800 pound-force rocket engine propels the ... [View]

MiniSShot high speed (2009-07-26)
1/20th speed video (600fps) of the "MiniSShot" engine of the Sugar Shot to Space program, The engine has two sections and does two burns, which is the primary technical ... [View]

MiniSShot Tower Test (2010-01-18)
A test of a tower launcher at Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR), in consideration for use with the Mini Sugar Shot (MiniSShot) rocket, part of the Sugar Shot To Space program. It's at 1/10th speed ... [View]

Minute and a half rocket hover flight in wind with mach diamonds 2009.09.13 (2009-09-14) (NEW)
The second flight of the day, flight 27 on Masten Space Systems' XA-0.1B-750 vertical takeoff, vertical landing rocket vehicle. The vehicle hovers higher this time, to make less of a crater in the ... [View]

MSS XA-0.1B-750 Flight 7 real time (2009-05-29) (DELETED)
Flight 7 of the Masten Space Systems reusable launch vehicle demonstrator XA-0.1B-750. Here it was programmed to fly a square pattern around the center, and then do 45 degree rotation and back using ... [View]

NGLLC Masten Space Flight 1 Onboard Rocket 2009.09.16 (2009-09-16)
Onboard down-looking video of the first leg of Masten Space's attempt at the level 1 Northrop-Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. Woo, rockets. [View]

Onboard Xombie rocket video, engage the air brake - 2010.03.20 (2010-03-22)
The view from a camera near the control bunker and two onboard cameras. Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 rocket, aka Xombie, flies to over 1000 feet before coming down and landing almost exactly ... [View]

Progression of Xombie Rocket (2010-04-11) (DELETED)
The last multi-engine test on B to the first single engine flight, through the Lunar Lander Challenge when we won $150000. This is Masten Space Systems Xombie autonomous flying rocket vehicle, which ... [View]

RATTworks tribrid flight - watch to end! (2009-03-08)
A tribrid by Dave Griffith of RATTworks launches. The tail section of the rocket was not attached to a parachute and, as you can hear on the video, "came in hot". It was perfectly ... [View]

RATTworks tribrid flight slomo (2009-03-08)
Butterflies fly through the scene. And then a tribrid by Dave Griffith of RATTworks launches. [View]

Robot xombie rocket wants to be your friend (2010-03-19) (DELETED)
Masten Space Systems Xombie rocket on a test flight on March 18 2010. I missed the top end framing a bit on this one, but after watching it a few times I think it's better this way. It enters from ... [View]

Rocket "boosted hop" soft abort to 823.4 meters, 27 January 2010 (2010-01-29) (NEW)
823.4 meters above sea level, that is. It started at 822.2 meters above sea level idle hover position, making it about a 4 foot hop. On this flight Ian told the rocket to soft abort right after ... [View]

Rocket Igniter Test (2008-03-06) (NEW)
First run of the Masten Space Systems rocket engine igniter version 2.1. It runs on gasesous oxygen (GOX) and isopropyl alcohol (IPA). [View]

Unreasonable Rocket 84 second hover (2009-03-08) (NEW)
A test of the Unreasonable Rocket ( ) Blue Ball vehicle hovering, more or less, for approximately 84 seconds. The vehicle is a candidate for the Lunar Lander ... [View]

Unreasonable Rocket First Free Flight - 11 July 2009 (2009-07-14) (NEW)
The first free flight of Unreasonable Rocket's Blue Ball, a peroxide monopropellant vehicle. I've seen a lot of rockets fly, and it's still amazing to see one hover on a mostly invisible plume of ... [View]

XA-0.1B-750 flight 2 - 2009.05.20 (2009-05-31)
Flight 2 of the Masten Space Systems vertical takeoff, vertical landing reusable launch vehicle demonstrator XA-0.1B-750. Here the camera was mounted to one leg of the vehicle, pointing at the ... [View]

Xoie rocket testing compilation (2010-04-11) (DELETED)
A compilation of Masten Space Systems Xoie hovering rocket robot made for the Space Access conference. A static test followed by a series of flight tests before the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander ... [View]

Xombie rocket goes up and away, then back (2010-03-21) (DELETED)
Masten Space Systems Xombie rocket flies to 1046 feet at FAR. 60mph up, 60mph down, plenty of propellant remaining. [View]

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