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Cabin 2010 rocket launch (2011-09-05)
Pack 1346 Rocket Derby 2010 with rocket cam video and mega launcher (2011-09-20)

Some short clips and on-board model rocket video from the July 17th Pack 1346 model rocket derby. Over a hundred rockets were launched!

snow-rocket-movie.wmv (2011-10-05)

OK- so testing the completely new Pack 1346 rocket cam in these conditions wasn't the smartest- but we managed to only lose one of the three test rockets. These shots were with B6-4 engines- smaller than the "real" launches (C6-5s), mostly so we could actually recover the camera. The new camera is way easier to operate than the old CVS clunker!

Static-test of toilet-paper tube rotary rocket (2011-09-05)

Static test of rotary-rocket; the fins convert into rotors for a helicopter descent. The video of a successful launch is at:

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