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Big Daddy

By Jonathan Rogers

Estes - Big Daddy {Kit} (2162) [1998-]

First through the wall fin build. Great rocket. Was not impressed with the cardboard motor rings. Had trouble with the paint, but got it figured out. Have flown it on C11-3 and D12-5 so far. Have to order a new decal, lost the big daddy decal in the painting fisaco, the pain ran when i tried to put the clear coat on. the paint had been dry for 3 days, same brand paint and clear coat. Minimal space inside for the parachute. Added a mad cow 9in parachute protector. Fins and motor rings all epoxied and filleted.


Kirk Groeneveld (April 9, 2020)

I'm not certain your having difficulties with the paint you chose qualifies as a review of the Big Daddy rocket, but to each his own.

I built one, and tried the paint fade from red to yellow to grey and it turned out fabulous.  I was SO pleased.  Haven't tried it again since.

I love my Big Daddy and fly it several times each season.

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