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Big Dog #1

By Marty Harris

Quest - Big Dog {Kit} (5010)

This is my first Mid Power Rocket.Build began on September 29,2016. First task was building motor mount and the 24mm adapter to go into standard 29mm mount.Used screw on engine retainers on both. Didn't know how it would work since I decided to omit engine blocks. Worked out really well.

Spending lot of time on Finnage and primer.

I used Epoxy on all Engine Mounting Adhesions also JB Welded Engine Retainers. Wood Glue on Fins and Fillets. Epoxy on Launch Lug.

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New Year's Update (2017-01-15 11:44:40)


Marty Harris (January 15, 2017)

    As of 1/15/17 The Big Dog is complete. Have a 1/8th inch Quick Link on the Nose Cone for the Shock Cord. A 6 inch Nomex Chute Protector and a 18" Sunward Parachute.

Steve Lindeman (March 2, 2017)

Pictures man, where da pictures?


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