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Onboard Rocket Video - 30000ft Disaster (2011-06-17)

This video is from my 2002 flight to over 30000ft on an N-3500. Unfortunately at that altitude, the dual deployment 2 gram charges were not enough to separate the airframe, and the whole thing came in ballistic. Incredible video from the last seconds of this rocket's life!! Unfortunately, in rocketry this stuff happens every now and again!

Onboard Rocket Video - Two stage (2011-05-29)

This video shows a high power rocket flight aboard a two stage rocket. The video is transmitted realtime from the rocket to the ground using a 2.4Ghz signal. The second stage separation is visible in this clip

Pinky and The Brain Two Stage (2011-06-28)

The first two stage flight of Pinky and the Brain rocket by Tom Gonser. It went to 16500ft on two M motors.

Re: Onboard Rocket Video - Two stage (2011-06-19)

This is a higher resolution video of this flight showing more detail.

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