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High speed footage of igniter tests (2012-04-04)

Videos of igniters being lit. Igniters made using a 32AWG solderless nichrome bridge wire and Cat5 cable. Pyrogen made by Quickburst. Filmed using a Phantom v7.3 camera and a Canon 7D camera.

igniter test compilation (2012-04-17)

Testing bridges of solderless igniters with various bridge configurations.

Igniter test firings (2012-04-17)

Testing igniters made of Cat5 cable and 32AWG nichrome wire, dipped in QuickDip. Filmed using a Canon SD450 at 60fps. The first two tests are with igniters that didn't have enough and then had too much pyrogen and were therefore scraps.

More igniter tests (2012-04-17)

Testing videos of igniter bridges using solderless technique. Bridge wire made of 32awg nichrome wire, leads made of 2-conductor phone line for some tests, Cat5 cable for others. Igniter resistance and wire type indicated for each test. Update: I believe the slow heat up times and dark smoke from the Cat5 tests may have been due to the battery I was using becoming drained.

X-Calibur onboard launch video (2012-08-09)

PML X-Calibur flying on a G64-7W at Bayboro, NC on 12/20/2008. Video from a Boostervision Mini Gearcam wireless video camera. Camera housed in external foam/fiberglass housing.

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