Rocketry Videos

By Brian Su

2 successful launches of my two-stage Estes Mongoose rocket (2011-10-15)
The day for the launch had arrived. The weather was mild, the winds were calm and the level of sunlight was just perfect. The recovery system failed to deploy on my first launch due to what I ... [View]

A successful launch of the Estes Hi-Flier that was never recovered (2011-10-03)
following yesterday's launch failure of my new Estes Hi-Flier on its maiden flight due to the failure of the CA Gel glue adhesion between the laser cut balsa fins and the rocket body, I've ... [View]

Getting rid of my Estes Mongoose rocket by launching it really high (2011-11-13)
Following the flaw in the construction of my first Estes Mongoose rocket I decided to purchase another one when I found a cheap deal on eBay. I've saved the recovery systems and the booster section ... [View]

My fully constructed 2 staged Estes Mongoose rocket (2011-10-15)
I was very interested to launch a multi stage rocket at some point and I had 3 x B-0 booster rocket engines with me. Given the lack of a very wide space for recovery I opted for the Mongoose as my ... [View]

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