Quest - Bright Hawk Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Product Type: Kit
  • Quest Bright Hawk By Bill Eichelberger

    Brief: Quest's Bright Hawk is a good example of a Skill Level .5 rocket. (It's listed as a Skill Level 1, but its plastic fin can makes that a bit of a stretch.) Big and sturdy with a brightly colored plastic fin can and nose cone, it might be one of the better rockets currently available to gradually step up with if your previous experience has all been with RTF rockets. ...

  • Quest Bright Hawk By Clive Davis

    Brief: 4FNC skill level 1 easy build kit with plastic fin can. Construction: The kit comes in plastic bag with: bright orange nose cone large, wide white body tube yellow plastic fin can motor mount, motor block, engine hook, and centering rings parachute kit Kevlar ® & shock cord decal stickers I selected this kit for a rocket build I was ...

  • Quest Bright Hawk By Alan Tuskes

    Brief: Single stage, parachute recovery, skill level 1 kit that featuring a plastic nose cone and fin can, making assembley virtually foolproof. Construction: Bought the Bright Hawk kit at a Hobby Lobby 40% off sale in order to have something extremely simple that I could build with my 4 year old daughter without having to worry about anything getting messed up. This kit appeared ...

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