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All Videos by brotoro (2011-08-01)

Rocket video from NARAM-53. GearCam HD DVR. Flown on D12-0/D12-7 Maniac. The first stage has two vent ports, and you can see the puffs as the D12-0 burns through and then again as the D12-7 fires. Apparently the stage was stuck on TIGHT. The rocket landed in a tree (20 minutes deleted) and the homeowner got it down with a wrist rocket, arrow, and fishing line (cool), and then used a golf cart to drive it over to the field and find me (8 minutes of which are deleted).

NARAM 51 Multipod (2011-07-13)

Video rocket launch at NARAM-51 in Johnstown, Penn. on August 13, 2009.

NARAM-48 video rocket (2011-07-14)

Video rocket flight on two-stage Omega rocket at NARAM-48 in Arizona

NARAM-52-8-4-2010.mp4 (2011-06-25)

Onboard rocket video. GearCam DVR. Rocket is Omega on D12-0/D12-7 motors.

NARAM-52-8-5-2010.mp4 (2011-07-13)

Onboard model rocket video. E15-7 motor. GearCam DVR.

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