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DeeCee Thunder at Woosh Sod Farm Launch 6/4/2011 (2011-08-19)

Woosh Rocketry "Day of Thunder" launch featuring DeeCee Thunder models. This one is powered by a D12-5. It needs a shorter delay, but still a fun flight.

January Woosh launch (2012-02-12)

January Woosh

Johns lander launch (2012-02-17)

This is John's lander entry. I hope he will take a few minutes to describe all that was planned to happen. It was by far the most ambitious launch of the weekend.

Kelly's engineering challenge high power rocket launch (2011-12-26)

Here's one of the entries from this years engineering launch. Build a lunar lander that starts with the legs up, then deploys them with the rocket "standing up" when landing. This one gets a A+ for effort. He almost pulled it off.

Kelly's Engineering Challenge High Power Rocketry launch entry (2012-02-17)

Here's my entry in the challenge. It started out as a PML Miranda from 1994 and is now serving as the base for my lander. Flight was on a Cesaroni H120R Redline motor. I got 950 feet out of it.

My NAR High Power Rocketry Level 1 Certification (2011-05-29)

5/21/2011 at Bong Recreation area, WI. The rocket is a 3" Wildman flying using a Ceseroni 38mm H400 Vmax motor. This one of the highest velocity H impulse motors available. The flight was perfect! Thanks Woosh!

Rocket camera video (2011-08-19)

Woosh Sod Farm Launch 5/7/2011 with Tess Corners Pack 176. This is on board video using a "keychain spy cam". The rocket is a Estes Mean Machine. The cameras were velcro's and taped on to the rocket.

Sather getting ready to launch the Coke bottle. (2011-12-26)

By far the most creative use of a recycling container ever..

Sathers Coke Recycling Launch. (2011-12-26)

The chute pops a bit early, but still a very cool flight!

Tim's L flight (2011-08-19)

Wildman Tim Lehr opens the sunday launch with a L2375 motor with his "Extreme Wildman" to "Just under" our 10000 foot waiver.

Wildman Dual Deploy on I366 (2012-02-17)

I flew my Wildman dual deploy on a Aerotech I366R to 1250 feet. It was a perfect flight.

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