BSD High Power Rocketry Diablo (3")

BSD High Power Rocketry - Diablo (3") {Kit}

Contributed by Jason Vennard

Manufacturer: BSD High Power Rocketry
(by Jason Vennard - 11/21/03)

BSD DiabloBrief:
This is a downsized version of BSD Rocketry's 4" Diablo. 3" Diameter by 26" in length qualifies it for a stubby rocket classification. Otherwise your basic 3 FNC style rocket made for mid and high power loads; a nicely versatile rocket.

Components included one body tube, nosecone, motor tube, 3 1/8" plywood fins, nylon shock cord, 10' elastic shock cord, 30" nylon parachute. Those being the basics, BSD kits currently come with rail buttons and motor retention, and added bonus, not to mention the incredible vinyl decals and excellent instructions.

Construction was fairly basic, starting with the motor tube and centering rings. 15 minute epoxy was used throughout construction on this model. The upper centering ring is notched out for shock cord attachment. I deviated slightly here and went with Kevlar® instead of the supplied nylon strap. The bottom centering ring is then drilled and blind nuts are placed into it for motor retention, all parts were supplied for this.

Next came slotting the premarked body tube for the fins, I did this the simple way with a hobby knife just taking my time without any problems. After all the slots were cut and I test fit them all with the fins, the motor tube was then inserted. Instructions indicate to glue the whole thing in at this time but I deviated leaving the rear centering ring unglued, then fins were epoxied to the motor tube. After this I then applied internal fillets to the fins and then epoxied in the rear centering ring.

BSD Diablo BSD Diablo

Rail buttons were supplied but I went with 1/4" launch lugs due to the fact that I don't own a rail launcher and wanted to be able to launch from my existing equipment.

BSD Diablo Everything went together very well and tight, just a little sanding was needed on the centering rings. Instructions are on par with Estes being well written and well illustrated and in logical order.

Finishing on this rocket was quite simple. The entire rocket was primed with Krylon, allowed to dry then painted in Krylon glossy white. The single color paint scheme is quite simple.

Then comes the good part: the exceptional vinyl cut decals, which really set off from the white rocket and give it a great look. Overall very easy to accomplish and very nice looking.

Completely finished our bird weighed in at 14oz empty, without recovery system.

The only thing I would change, and this being personal preference is the internal fillets on the fins and the all Kevlar® recovery system.

Construction Rating: 4 out of 5

It was late in the season when I got this built, and then we were late to the launch so I only got one flight up with this bird.

We loaded up the all Kevlar® recovery system, through just a small handful of dogbarf wadding in the bottom and then loaded the motor.

First flight was with an AT G64-7W, upon ignition the rocket was off the pad very quickly. A very nice straight boost and it was out of sight for my eyes.

BSD Diablo

The nice quality nylon parachute that came with the kit deployed and she was on the way down for a soft touchdown, luckily the winds were minimal for us, any more wind and I think I would downsize the chute on our rocket to a 24" as it came in pretty light.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

Overall another excellent kit from BSD (it was my fourth from them) and I'm hard pressed to find anything wrong with these birds.

I tend to rate 4.5's as I don't think anything is perfect, but with these I can't seem to find any problems, all parts possibly needed are included and in good shape, well fit and designed.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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