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Aerotech M650W Static Burn (2011-06-03)

Dan Michael static burns and Aerotech M650W rocket motor.

Bad Wolf at LDRS 28 (2011-05-29)

Bad Wolf is a Competitor 6 rocket kit. It weighed about 45 pounds at liftoff, and is flying on an Aerotech M1780NT-P demo motor. This is a 4 grain motor that fits in the 75mm 5120 case. The rocket went 7240 feet at apogee. The main opened at 700 feet. The rocket was flown on Sunday 7/5/2009 where LDRS excludes anyone from flying if they don't belong in their exclusive Tripoli club. Somehow they missed that I was a NAR member and I flew the rocket. Later in the day they did stop my 6 year old granddaughter from flying a 4" long Estes rocket with an A3-4T motor in at as I guess it was too dangerous. Wow, what a way to introduce kids to the hobby! Go away kid, everyone's flying their "experimental" motors that blow up every other launch, you may incinerate the whole field with that A3 you got there. And to the loudmouth busybody who says I should join Tripoli or not complain, that is not the point. I am already a NAR member, and this hobby is already expensive. I'm not joining Tripoli just to launch an Estes rocket, that's just stupid. I fly at METRA while they are flying experimental motors, no problem. I should have been notified when I signed up for LDRS 28 that it would only be a 3 day launch for me (only 2 with the weather!), but that I would still have to pay for all 5 days. After all, they asked for Tripoli and NAR numbers when I registered, so they knew I wasn't in their "special" club. The LDRS web site does mention that Sat. and Sun. were "experimental" days, but ...

Rocket Camera - Red Glare II (2011-06-28)

Video from my Extreme Performer flying on a J570W.

Steve Eve's Saturn V Launch - World Record (2012-05-18)

Steve's world record 1/10th scale Saturn V rocket launch on 4/25/09 at the MDRA launch site.

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