By Scott Johnson


Upscale BT-60 Blue Bird Zero.

I will be building the BT-60 upscale (124%) of the Blue Bird Zero from the new Estes Mean Machine in image below.

I intend to use the twist lock coupler from the Mean Machine in the upscale BBZ and add a baffle.

I'll purchase BT-60 BBZ decals from Stickershock23. I believe The Mean Machine was $10 in 2019ish at hobby lobby with 1/2 off coupon - - I love the twist lock coupler for that model in long rockets and next time I can get a deal I'll buy more - just for parts and coupler.

From below I may let go the new Mean Machine Decals, old Mean Machine and Blue Bird Zero as I already have and a Mean Machine (earlier all black paint job) and will build this new upscale BBZ.

The upscale Blue Bird Zero should be about one tube length shorter than the mean machine or approximately 61 inches tall.




These are the fins for the BT-60 Blue Bird Zero - They will be 1/8" balsa/bass wood and papered with Reynolds Freezer Paper.

I CAREFULLY scanned them at 124% from my 1980 BBZ still in the box.

I used the scaling calculator located here -

First image is the aft fin - root edge to right (and upside down).

Second image is the forward fin - root is to the left (right side up).




I probably wont, but I'm really thinking of installing this in the BT-60 Upscale BBZ.

My guess would be three C6-5's or C6-7's as I'm not sure how to configure a three motor mount in Rocksim.