Rocketry Videos

By Bushmaster73

14x upscale GeminiDC (2007-07-14)
Upscale Rocketry's 14X upscale GeminiDC launched at LDRS 26 at Jean dry lake, NV. Check out more about this rocket at [View]

Army Hawk (2007-07-16)
Andy Woerner's Polecat Aerospace 7.5" Army Hawk at LDRS 26. [View]

ATK test fire (2011-04-21) (DELETED)
The static test fire rocket motor at ATK's Promontory facility on 4/21/2011 [View]

Hillbilly Rocketry 16.5" Thor (2007-07-18)
Hillbilly Rocketry's 16.5" Thor "Hillbilly 1" [View]

K700 Magnum (2007-05-30)
LOC Magnum on a AeroTech K700. Really cool dual deploy with 3 parachutes. This video was shot by my 13 year old daughter and as usual she was too close to me so you can hear my 20D clicking away at ... [View]

Level 3 Nike Smoke (2007-07-15)
Nice level 3 cert flight of a nike smoke [View]

night launches (2007-05-30)
Compilation of a few night launches at Jean Lake (dry) near Las Vegas, NV [View]

StarFire (2007-07-14)
Vern Knowles' StarFire on an Animal Motor Works M2200 Skidmark at LDRS 26 [View]

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