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 Rocketry Product: Public Missiles - Callisto

Callisto 101109 (2009-10-13)
Public Missiles Callisto rocket flying on an Aerotech G64W reloadable motor with a Booster Vision Gear CAM DVR on board taking the video. Having the camera and the already installed mirror housing ... [View]
Callisto Rocket Onboard Video (2008-05-06)
Mike Borman's PML Callisto Rocket Onboard Video Flight, May 4, 2008, at Launch Crue's May Regional Contest in Holland, Indiana. Rocket motor was an Aerotech G64W composite reload. [View]
Rocket with On-board Video Camera flies on an E engine! - NCR's Oktoberfest (2010-06-16)
Ever wonder what the view looks like from a rocket? With this Boostervision on-board video camera, the high-speed flight of this Estes model rocket can clearly be seen. The camera was mounted to the ... [View]
Onboard Rocket Video 4 (2007-01-08)
Another flight of the PML Callisto on a G64. The payload section has been rigged to take video of the ground on the way up and on the way down. [View]