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CRG combined launch March 2013 (2013-05-12)
Short video of highlights from day 2 of the Canberra Rocketry Groups March 2013 combined High, Medium and Low-power rocketry launch, near Beckom NSW. [View]

CRG High Power Rocketry Launch - Ardlethan 8 (2015-06-03)
A collection of launch clips from the CRG's eighth HPR launch, held over the weekend of 23-24 May 2015. Some great flights - have a look especially at Tony B's Goblin on a CTI 'Smoky Sam' - around ... [View]

Flight video 3 July #2 (2011-07-11)
On-board video #2 from the flight of a Dynastar 'Rising Star' on an E18-7W. [View]

Highlights - High-power Rocketry Launch - July 2014 (2014-07-16)
Highlights of the Canberra Rocketry Group's fifth high-power rocketry launch at our Ardlethan / Beckom range - July 2014. [View]

Model Rocket - Night Flights (2014-09-29)
A compilation of clips from night model rocketry flights conducted following the completion of HPR flights during the Canberra Rocketry Group's 'Ardlethan 6' launch. [View]

Model Rocket Flight - Canberra Rocketry Group (2011-04-10)
Estes 'Big Daddy' on an Aerotech E18-4W RMS [View]

OBV_4Sept11_02.mpg (2011-09-14)
Flight #2 from the CRG's September launch day. Rocket was flown on an Aerotech F12J reloadable motor and achieved approximately 890 ft altitude. [View]

Rising Star on an E18-7W (2011-07-11)
Ground view of the 'Rising Star' with on-board video. [View]

Rocket launch compilation - Aug 7 (2011-08-13)
Compilation of rocketry video from the Canberra Rocketry Group's August 7 launch. [View]

Test video from Quadcopter - Rocket Launch (2016-11-08)
Experimental (unstabilised) video from Crossfire II quadcopter carrying GoPro3. 1080p/60, slowed to 30FPS. Its a start. [View]

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