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Paper Rocket Challenge with Estes Rocket Engines! (2008-06-17)
Build a launch ready rocket using only household items - paper, drinking straws, tape, glue, etc - and estes model rocket engines. Video tape what you have built and make a video response to this ... [View]
Apollo Little Joe II Cardstock Model Test Flight (2011-07-06)
My second cardstock model rocket converted to flight. The classic Apollo Little Joe II in 1:48 Scale on an Estes C11-5 motor. Regretfully, I couldn't keep the model in the frame throughout the ... [View]
Cardstock Saturn V Launches In Akron, MI (2011-10-25)
Two, count 'em, two 1:96 scale cardstock Saturn V models launched in this brief video compilation. Shot during a CAP model rocket launch on an incredibly nice October weekend in Akron, MI. ... [View]
Modified Saturn V Cardstock Test Launch (2012-05-22)
Second flight for this cardstock replica Saturn V moon rocket. This time with a clear plastic fin unit for improved stability. A free download static display model converted to flightworthy ... [View]
Saturn V Cardstock Test Launch (2011-08-16)
The furry rocketeer provides the rocket's red glare by the twilight's last gleaming. Epic test launch of 1:96 scale cardstock Saturn V model rocket. A static display model converted to flight. ... [View]
Apollo Lunar Module Model Rocket Flight (2010-07-24)
Launch of 1:32 Scale Lunar Module model as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13. This is a cardboard model with Estes D12-3 rocket engine. I added a parachute canister that is designed to ... [View]
Cardstock Rockets DIY (2014-04-11)
Learn to make a cardstock rocket with the easy tutorial! [View]
Fliskits Nebula Cardstock Model Rocket (2012-01-29)
Just a very quick look at the Nebula from Fliskits, a model rocket on a couple sheets of card stock you can down load and print! [View]
Launching Paper Rockets - German V2 (2014-07-16)
Using a B 6-4 engine, and soaring up to 600 ft, the V-2 made a wunderbar maiden voyage. However, it would end in tragedy upon the second launch, making it only a pile of cardstock. [View]
Mercury Redstone Cardstock Model Launch (2011-05-11)
RT Coyote celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first American in space by launching this cardstock replica converted to flightworthy status. Powered by an Apogee 1/2A2-2 10.5mm motor manufactured ... [View]
Paper Cardstock Saturn V go Bang-90 lbs launch air pressure.AVI (2012-06-18)
Final flight of the Saturn V paper cardstock rocket I built last spring. Weight kept going up as repair after repair was made. Lots of energy this time blew the whole rocket apart. Most of the ... [View]
Saturn V Papercraft Launch (2013-10-29)
Third successful flight of this highly detailed cardstock Saturn V replica of 1:96 scale converted to fly on 24mm model rocket motors. This model depicts Apollo J-Missions and was flown at a meet ... [View]