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Estes - CATO {Kit} (2071) [1992-1996]


Designer: Tim Van Milligan
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2071
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1992-1996


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Rare Estes #Cato Flying Model Rocket E2X Series Near MInt in Package
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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2001-07-14Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- I just had to do it again. Second flight went exactly as the first. I got a better view this time ...
2001-11-22Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Perfect third flight. This rocket is hilarious in flight when it breaks apart. All pieces ...
2001-12-08Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Flown again for a perfect fifth flight. Ready to fly and explode again. I love this rocket.
2001-12-30Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Nice 6th flight with a nice (explosion).
2002-02-08Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Test flight before using a C6-0 for the first time. Nice CATO. All parts recovered.
2002-02-08Donald Besaw's Estes CATOC6-0- Very nice boost with some arcing. The faster CATO stripped two shroud lines from the chute. All ...
2002-02-17Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Wind test for this rocket. Good flight.
2002-02-17Donald Besaw's Estes CATOC6-0- Nice high flight. Chute stripped completely this time. 1 nose cone half lost in tall grass. ...
2002-05-07MikeyR's Estes CATOB6-0- Normal 'blow up' of the CATO
2002-05-12MikeyR's Estes CATOB6-0- Disintegrated nicely.
2002-10-19Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Flown for some excitement for my club members. Everyone loved it especially the kids. All pieces ...
2002-10-26F.M. Pierce's Estes CATOC6-3- Perfect flight at our club (NAR-DART # 317) launch on Saturday. Prefer the B6-2 or C6-3 for this ...
2003-03-25MikeyR's Estes CATOC6-0- Blew apart right on schedule. Kids loved it.
2003-05-13Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Ah yes, I haven't flown this one in quite some time but it never fails to impress me. All pieces ...
2004-01-04Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Another great flight of the CATO. Blew apart right on schedule and all pieces were recovered close ...
2006-05-27Donald Besaw's Estes CATOC6-0- Second flight, much better, nice straight boost. Blew apart as intended and everything was ...
2006-05-27Donald Besaw's Estes CATOC6-0- Went horizontal off the rod for some reason, maybe a motor nozzle problem or rod whip as that ...
2006-06-03Donald Besaw's Estes CATOC6-0- Excellent flight, I had an extra nose cone piece and added streamers to both which made finding ...
2010-02-15Donald Besaw's Estes CATOB6-0- Haven't flown this one in a long time. Normal flight until breakup. The fins and MMT separated ...
2017-08-04Rob Hoffman's CATOB6-0100 feet Altitude too low! Sticking to C6-0 for future flights.

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