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CMASS Launch 04-30-2011 (2011-05-13)
Raw video Cmass launch April 30, 2011 Katan Soyuz at the end. [View]
CMASS Model Rocket Launch (2007-08-22)
At an event hosted by the Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society, rocket enthusiasts launched about 200 model rockets in Acton Aug. 18. [View]
2 Rockets 40 motors - CMASS FlisKits launch 2017 (2017-09-20)
Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse on 10 motors TOGinator firing 29 of 30 motors in a column of fire and smoke [View]
Estes Bomarc Clone at CMASS 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
Estes Bomarc Clone at CMASS rocket launch 11-5-11 I forgot to put in nose weight so it did a big 20ft loop and plowed into the ground. Some damage, but repairable. [View]
G64 Marauder (2009-11-13)
My 250% sport upscale model of my first model rocket ever. Back around 1986 the Estes Marauder became my first model rocket. This upscale flies naked on its first flight with an Aerotech G64-7W at ... [View]
Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 Belonging to TonyPV. [View]
2010-11-06 Flight 33 post-landing (2011-08-19)
Parachute line tangle after landing of Thrud on Skyripper H155, Flight #33 CMASS launch, Amesbury MA See for more info. [View]
2011-07-16 CMASS Aerotech G350 (2011-07-16)
Howard Greenblatt's Black Brant on an Aerotech J350 [View]
A-7 Corsair II @ CMASS Launch, Amesbury, MA 10-23-10 (2010-11-09)
A-7 Corsair II Jet Rocket launch at CMASS, Amsbury,MA on 10-23-10 [View]
Big Bertha rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
Big Bertha rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11 [View]
Big Dumb Rocket (2011-11-06)
6" heavy rocket flying on an SRS J348 at the November 5, 2011 CMASS launch in Amesbury. [View]
CMASS Launch 4-24-10 various rockets. (2010-04-26)
Jsut some bits and pices of launch. Later in the day. Let me know if I got your rocket. The sun messes with the camera on the high power pad? Sorry... [View]
CMASS ROCKET LAUNCH 10.2.10 (2010-10-11)
Various launches Oct. 2. 2010 [View]
CMASS Saucers Over Cmass! Part One (2009-10-29)
Saucers Over CMASS October 25th launch. PartOne [View]
Colonial Vipers Drag Race @ CMASS 8-27-11 (2011-08-27)
Colonial Vipers Drag Race @ CMASS 8-27-11 TonyPV and I drag race our Colonial Vipers at CMASS launch 8-27-11. I don't know the rules of a drag race but if landing first is part of it, I won! [View]
CTI H194 EZI-65 (2010-11-07)
I launch my LOC EZI-65 with a CTI H194 Red Lightning motor. This motor uses the Pro29 5G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]
F-104 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
F-104 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 [View]
F-105 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
F-105 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 [View]
L1 Certification at CMASS (2011-11-09)
Launching my Nuke Pro Maxx on a CTI H133 to about 2800' with a top speed over 400 MPH [View]
PayLord Flight 9 18 2010 CMASS (2010-09-20)
Onboard camera in Flis-Kits PAYLORD model rocket, launched 9-18-2010 at CMASS Amsbury launch site. [View]
Performance Rocketry G3 I284W (2011-10-22)
Performance Rocketry G3 on an Aerotech I284W motor at CMASS, Amesbury, MA. [View]
Quest X-15 Rocket (2011-11-06)
Quest X-15 Rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11 [View]
Tony PV TRIFID Rocket at CMASS 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
Tony PV TRIFID Rocket at CMASS 11 5 11 This rocket was featured in Sport Rocketry magazine. [View]
Twin Fin IV D12 5 (2010-09-20)
Featuring the voice of CMASS Kenn Blade. [View]
Underdog Rocket at CMASS 10-22-11 Launch (2011-10-25)
ScottyDogs Underdog Rocket launching at CMASS on 10-22-2011 [View]
"Big Nuke" launch at CMASS (2011-10-24)
CMASS launch of BigNuke on J500 Mojave Green power. [View]
CMASS (2006-07-10)
CMASS Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society launch at Amesbury MA, July 8 2006 [View]
CMASS 11/17/2012 Night Launches (2012-11-21)
Several fun rocket flights from CMASS' annual night launch 2012. [View]
CMASS Fliskits Anniversary Rocket Launch 2018 (2018-09-18)
Aerial footage from the CMASS launch on September 15, 2018. This was the 16th and "final" Fliskits anniversary launch in Amesbury, MA. Video taken with a DJI Mavic Air. Music from the YouTube audio ... [View]
CMASS Launch 08/26/17 - Skydart and asst rockets (2017-08-31)
Skydart lands hard, and almost gets run over by funky skateboard like contraption. [View]
Estes Ventris / Aerotech G80-7T - RIMRA/CMASS Launch 6-10-2017 (2017-06-10)
Estes Ventris on an Aerotech G80-7T at the RIMRA/CMASS launch on 6-10-2017. This rocket was simmed to 1,950 ft with a top speed of 438 mph. [View]
J354 Ladyrobin 2.0 (2010-10-24)
My Ladyrobin 2.0 takes off with the most powerful motor in it yet, the CTI J354 White. Launched Oct 23rd, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]
TOGinator - 30 engine rocket (2012-12-18)
Flight 6: 11/19/11 CMASS Amesbury, MA TOGinator soars again on a ball of fire and smoke [View]
Two 10 motor rocket clusters plus huge Frick-n-Frack 2 stage rocket drag race (2015-09-29)
3/26/2015 CMASS rocket launch Bomark and Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse 10 motor rocket clusters plus huge FlisKits Frick-n-Frack drag race [View]