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Red Crayon Rocket on a Cesaroni I180 Skidmark Motor - CRMRC (2010-12-19)
Scott's "Hot Red Wax" Crayola Crayon bank converted to a high power rocket with tubular fins. Motor is a 38mm Cesaroni I180 Skidmark. Launched at the monthly launch of the Champlain Region Model ... [View]
Yellow Crayon Rocket on Cesaroni H123 Skidmark Motor - CRMRC (2010-06-14)
This is my Crayola Crayon bank converted to a high power rocket. The nearly invisible fins are made of unbreakable Lexan. Motor is a 29mm Cesaroni H123 Skidmark. Motor mount is 38mm with a reducer ... [View]
CRMRC Aerotech Sumo August 17th 2011 (2011-09-18)
CRMRC Launch in St. Albans, VT August 17th 2011. Aerotech Sumo on a G77-4R. Maiden Flight! Nicely done except I rotated the camera for a portrait orientation which is not appropriate for video! Live ... [View]
CRMRC: Aerotech Arreaux September 17th 2011 (2011-09-18)
Aerotech Arreaux with an E30-4T engine taken from onboard video. Clip1 is full, clip2 is half and clip 3 is 1/4. Taken on September 17th at the CRMRC launch in St. Albans. [View]
Estes SNITCH Flying Saucer Rocket - CRMRC (2010-12-19)
Here is my Estes Snitch flying on a C6-5 motor at the monthly launch of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club - CRMRC. June 12, 2010 St. Albans Vermont. [View]
Johnny Rockets Flying Saucer on an Aerotech E-25-11 (2011-07-24)
I decided to make a Johnny Rockets paper ketchup bowl into a model flying saucer. It is 4.5" diameter and weighs only 0.4 oz empty. I test flew it on an Estes B6-4 for its first flight. it was ... [View]
Performance Rocketry Competitor 6 Rocket on KBA L2300G - Barn Landing - CRMRC (2010-12-19)
Tom's L3 certification rocket is a Performance Rocketry Competitor 6 aptly named Climb-Maxx on a 98mm KBA (Kosdon by AeroTech) L2300G Green propellant motor. This 32 pound, 11 foot long, 6" diameter ... [View]
"Predator 10K" rocket on CTI I345WT (2018-12-17)
Predator 10K (Blue Tube - "Always Ready Rocketry") Motor: CTI I345WT About 2000 feet CRMRC St Albans, Vermont [View]
LOC Bruiser J316 (2019-02-19)
LOC Bruiser on CTI J316pink St Albans, VT CRMRC [View]
LOC Bruiser launching on CTI J394 Green (2018-07-22)
LOC/Precision Bruiser on CTI J394 Green (tilted launch rod to avoid landing in corn field) CRMRC St. Albans, Vermont [View]
Madcow AGM-33 Pike on Aerotech I435T (2018-04-25)
CRMRC launch 4-22-2018. My Madcow AGM-33 Pike climbing to 2,200' on an Aerotech I435T. Jolly Logic Chute Release at 300;. [View]
Madcow Super DX3 on CTI J530 IMAX (2018-07-13)
Madcow Super DX3 launched on CTI J530IMAX. Altitude: 5,121 feet. Max velocity: 640 MPH. Recovered safely. St. Albans, Vermont [View]
Matt's Level 1 High Power Certification Apr. 22, 2018 (2018-04-29)
Matt Lillis flew his LOC Iris on a CTI H152 Blue Streak motor at CRMRC's St. Albans VT field to get his level 1 high power certification. [View]
Predator10K rocket flying at Mach1.2 (2019-02-25)
Predator 10K (Always Ready Rocketry, Blue Tube) 938 MPH ~ Mach 1.2 CTI K711 54mm motor (near-minimum diameter rocket) 68 inches tall, 11 pounds including motor Recovered about 1 mile away (EggFinder ... [View]
SuperDX3 on Loki K627 Dec2018 (2018-12-21)
Motor: Loki K627-LR (the largest commercially certified 38mm motor; 1518 N total impulse, 62.5 cm long) Rocket: Madcow Super DX3 Extended, loaded weight 8.5 lbs, length 79 inches, diameter 4 inches ... [View]
Wildman Darkstar Jr (2016-08-21)
Kevin Thomson's flight with a Wildman Darkstar JR at CRMRC on an Aerotech H148R at CRMRC on 8/20/2016. This was a failed NAR L1 certification attempt. The chute jammed in the body tube and failed to ... [View]
Wildman Darkstar Mini (2018-04-30)
Flown on an Aerotech single use, F23FJ-7 Fast Jack motor at CRMRC's St. Albans VT field April 22, 2018. [View]