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Loc Precision LOC IV for NAR Level 1 Cert flight 9/16/17 at Pueblo SCORE Chili Blaster 18 (2017-09-19)
After being back into Model Rocketry for a little over a year, I decided to put on my big boy pants and get this ball rolling for a NAR Level 1 Certification. I decided on a LOC IV from Loc ... [View]
NCR Bounty Hunter launch - Pueblo SCORE Chili Blaster Event (2017-10-04)
Launch of my North Coast Rocketry Bounty Hunter on an Aerotech G53-7J RMS engine. This was its maiden flight on 9/16/17 at the Pueblo SCORE group (NAR 632) Chili Blaster event. [View]
TRA Level 1 Certification Flight, Blue Angels Super DX3 on CTI I345 to 1,733' AGL (2017-09-17)
SCORE Chili Blaster 8 Hudson Ranch Pueblo, CO 4" cardboard Super DX3 7.1lbs w/ motor 60" Spherachute at apogee (via RRC3) On board video from 808 Matecam [View]