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Estes StormCaster


Nice boost... then the chute deployed and didn't open. The rocket showed a definite backsliding type of glide and hit the dirt rather hard. One fin is a little cracked and should be easily fixed. - D12-5 [More]

Aerotech Mustang


Great flight on this motor as always. Was almost out of sight. - F40-7 [More]


Model Minutes Tricarrow


Ejected about 20 feet above the pad. Either the foam nose shoulder didn't work well enough and the nose popped off under power, or the engine malfunctioned and ejected under boost. Not sure what happened. Rocket and recovery system ok and will fly again. - B6-4 [More]

Bif's Rocket Emporium Papernator


Great flight! Low and slow to about 100 or 150 feet. - B6-4 [More]

Estes No. 2 Estes Sky Writer


Nice flight to around 400 feet. Slight weathercocking into the wind. Ejected just a bit early but with no chute damage. Landed about 30 or 40 feet downwind of the pad. - B4-4 [More]


Estes Mongoose


NARTREK Bronze two stage flight requirement. Also my first ever two stage flight. Flew straight as an arrow to around 1000 feet. Buckling of tubes on both the booster and sustainer from hard landings though. It's still flyable. - B6-0/B6-6 [More]

Estes StormCaster


NARTREK D motor or larger flight. Perfect flight to around 800 feet. The tracking smoke looked really nice as it sailed horizontally just past apogee. - D12-5 [More]


High Flying Cards Meter Meteor


Great flight to about 1000 feet... then it drifted into a large pond in the park. It's a paper rocket... will build another. - C6-5 - Challenger [More]

Aerospace Speciality Products 13mm Streamer Duration


Perfect flight to around 400-500 feet. Duration time of 55 seconds easily achieves the NARTREK Bronze streamer requirement. Woohoo! - 1/2A3-4 - Challenger [More]


Qualified Competition Rockets Straight Up


Lost sight of it after leaving the pad. Got visual at ejection. Streamer failed to unroll until about half-way down. Once streamer unrolled, came down *very* slowly. Duration time about 29 seconds. Not enough for NARTREK :-(. - 1/2A3-4 [More]

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