Rocketry Videos

By Chris Johnson

Estes Argent - G64-10 - Onboard 808 Camera (2014-11-05)
Estes Argent launching on a G64-10 with an 808 keychain camera. Altitude: 1,855' Speed: 284 mph [View]

Estes Partizone - G64-7 - Onboard 808 Camera (2014-11-05)
Estes Partizone launching on a G64-7 with an 808 keychain camera. Altitude: 1,886' Speed: 258 mph [View]

Estes QCC Explorer on F12-5J (2014-03-17)
Motor: Aerotech F12-5J Altimeter: Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 Apogee: 1,428' Speed: 211 mph Peak Acceleration: 7.2 G Ejection Altitude: 1,325' [View]

Estes Saturn V & Mercury Redstone launches on November 30th, 2013. (2013-12-02)
The parachute got tangled on the first flight of the Saturn V. One chute was open, so it descended slow enough that I could catch it. The second flight of the Saturn was flawless. The Mercury ... [View]

Estes Saturn V launch (2013-11-24)
A little wind. Aerotech E15-4. [View]

First flight of Homesick Angel (2015-04-21)
Hyperloc 1600 "Homesick Angel" Aerotech K535 DMS Altitude: 2,301' AGL Velocity: 375 ft/s March 7th, 2015 - Misfit Flats, Stagecoach, NV This is the first flight of my Level 3 rocket, Homesick ... [View]

First flight of the Saturn V (2013-10-30)
The first launch of my Estes Saturn V using an Estes D12-3. The engine was underpowered for the rocket, only lifting it about 100' in the air. I don't think I had enough wadding in the tube because ... [View]

Level 2 Certification Launch - LOC Norad Pro Maxx J340M (2014-10-11)
LOC Norad Pro Maxx modified for dual deploy launched on an Aerotech J340M. 10/4/14 - Misfit Flats Dry Lake Bed, Silver Springs, NV 6,053' @ 826 mph (Mach 1.06) Dual Deploy Altimeter: Altus Metrum ... [View]

LOC Norad Pro Maxx on an Aerotech I245, Dual Deploy (2015-03-22)
LOC Norad Pro Maxx modified to dual deploy. Aerotech I245 Apogee: 3,286' Velocity: 370mph Drogue deployed at apogee Main deployed at 500' [View]

Maiden flight of my Apogee Saturn V rocket (2014-03-17)
Rocket: Apogee Saturn V Motor: Aerotech G64-4 Reloadable Motor System Data: Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 Apogee Altitude: 473' Speed: 97 mph Peak Acceleration: 11.7 G Ejection Altitude: 428' The video ... [View]

My Level 1 High-Power Rocket Certification Launch (2014-04-06)
April 5, 2014 Loc Norad Pro-Maxx Aerotech H123W-M Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 Altitude: 2,468' Speed: 377 mph [View]

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