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First Test flight of BoosterVision DVR on an Estes Astrobeam (2011-06-17)

This is my first test flight of the new Boostervision DVR. A very quick flight on an Estes Astrobeam. While the camera is extremely light and tiny, it certainly does effect the flight profile of smaller rockets like the Astrobeam. This flight was on a B6-4 motor which was barely enough to get the kit airborne. Recovery and video quality is sharp. I like this camera. It took quite a hit landing!

SHAC Jam World Record Rocket Building Instructions (2011-06-28)

This video is intended to assist all SHAC Jam Rocketeers who will be building one of the 3200 SHAC Jam rockets. Visit for more details or send an email to Rocketry @ for more information!

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