Public Missiles - Co-Pilot 2.0 -Undefined-

Manufacturer: Public Missiles
Product Type: -Undefined-
  • Public Missiles Co-Pilot 2.0 By Bob Morstadt (November 1, 2009)

    I had the original PML Co-Pilot and flew it for several years until it went bad.  I thought that I would simply replace the original Co-Pilot, but found that it had been superseded by the Co-Pilot version 2.0.   One of the things that attracted me to the Co-Pilot version 2.0 is that the attachment holes on the electronics board are at the same location as the original.  I ...

  • Public Missiles Co-Pilot 2.0 By Don Bitz (March 26, 2009)

    ( Contributed - by Don Bitz - 03/26/09) Brief: I have been flying the Co-Pilot 2.0 for about six months now with no failures. I've been flying high-powered rockets for about the same length of time. Having also used several other brands of altimeters, some of which I have actually flown and others I have actually returned. For simple deployment (single or dual), I doubt there is a ...

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