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AKA: codysmith

Location: Rumney, NH

Certification Level: Jr. L1 NAR, TMP TRA

Club Memberships: MMMSC,KARS

Favorite Rockets: LOC IV


Hi all, I started getting involved in rocketry in 2009 when my 6th grade science teacher introduced me to estes kits. I flew those for many years until I discovered the idea of high power rocketry in 2013. In fall of 2013 I got my first HPR kit, the LOC IV, and built it over the winter. In April of 2014, I flew my LOC IV on a H123-7 to an altitude of ~1,300 ft. Now I am in the process of building other rockets and getting more involved.

Favorite Quote:

"Dude!!! You better be careful with those rockets before you blow yourself up" -my step-dad's friend as he saw me prepping an A8-3 :)

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LOC Precision LOC IV (Kit)


This kit was my Junior. Level 1 and I must say it is a beautiful kit. Some people say this rocket is not good for certifications due to the fact that the fins hang below the body. But, unless you land on concrete or desert, these fins are hard to break off. This kit is four-feet tall, ... [More]


Cody Smith


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