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Performance Rocketry - Competitor 4 {Kit}


Center Of Pressure: 73.9000 inches from front (Rocksim)
Manufacturer: Performance Rocketry
Product Type: Kit


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    Shugo's Last Ride

    Jason Vennard couldn't let Shugo's last ride be the sad one they made to the veterinarian.

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2006-02-27Jim Hendricksen's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4M220016688 feet 3-way drag race Winternationals
2006-05-21Jason Vennard's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4K5107 feet Maiden flight. Motor hiccup but overall nice flight, RRC2's deployed everything as planned for a ...
2008-03-01Aaron Stanley's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4K6954446 feet Perfect Flight. Next flight M1315W.
2008-08-02Aaron Stanley's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4M131516 feet perfect L3 cert flight on the first attempt.
2008-09-20Aaron Stanley's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4M185018 feet Perfect Flight despite getting dragged over a mile and a half.
2009-07-31Aaron Stanley's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4L1024- 4th Perfect Flite
2009-08-01Aaron Stanley's Performance Rocketry Competitor 4M1780- Motor cato'd on the pad destorying the rocket.
2012-07-21 Jacob Griffin's Competitor 4K7005486 feet This was the first flight of this rocket. The flight was straight as an arrow and it was moving at ...
2012-09-15 Jacob Griffin's Competitor 4Aerotech K456 Dark Matter2005 feet The shower of sparks that this motor emits is undescribable!!! Awesome flight!

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