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Artemis X2 mission ALS-033 : "Garfield" launching to test new "anti-zipper" modification. (2011-07-13)

Artemis X2 rocket "Garfield" taking to the sky again after nearly a year to test out new anti-zippering modifications.

Aurora "Firefly" flight with rocket camera pod MK II. (2011-08-28)
Aurora Firefly build & maiden voyage video (2011-08-08)

This video shows some of the key construction techniques used in the Aurora X5-02 rocket "Firefly". Also includes its maiden launch...

Aurora Firefly launch #2 1/16/2011 (2011-07-13)

Second flight of Aurora Firefly (Rocket Cam only). This time on an F-24 motor. Hight, around 1400 feet.

Aurora X5 "Firefly" Maiden Flight (2011-07-13)

What a flight! The maiden voyage of the Aurora X5 "Firefly". She flew remarkably well. Enjoy!

Aurora X5 Omnia - flight 4 October 23, 2010 (2011-07-05)

My last launch of the day during the MTMA October 23, 2010 meet. Got ground footage with the iPhone, and onboard video from the rocket.... Flown on an Estes E9-4. Ejection was a bit short as the winds died right about launch time. Normally would fly on an E9-6.

Fast Purples Last Flight (2011-12-31)

Andrew K. of MTMA launches a video camera on one of his rockets for the first time!

Maiden flight of Aurora X5 Big Red II with on board camera (2011-05-29)

Almost to the day of the anniversary of the maiden flight of the Artemis X2 rocket originally named Big Red (March 27, 2010), Aurora X5-03 took to the skies in honor of our lost rocket sporting the same color scheme, and name..Big Red. The flight was a smashing success. This is the first of two amazing flights on March 26, 2011.

Model Rocket Camera Launch - Perseus "Eagle" (2011-07-05)

Finally got our rocketcam project off the ground...Literally! Side note: I messed up the title on the video...the booster is actually that of "Eagle", not Columbia! Columbia is red & black...

Model Rocket Launch (Perseus X4 "Eagle") October 9, 2010 1 10th speed (2011-09-08)
MTMA_Penn State Visit (2013-03-11)

The rocketry club at Penn State stopped by our high power field with this great flying rocket!

Nesaru XR6 Mission 5 (2014-01-18)

Launch of Nesaru XR6, my Level 1 rocket. Length: 5 feet, Liftoff weight: 4 pounds. Motor used on this flight: CTI H135, Maximum Altitude, 1550 Feet.

Night Launch - Aurora X5-02 "Firefly" (2011-11-02)

My first night launch!

Night Launch Flasher test (2011-07-13)

The Night Launch Flasher module is almost finished. Decided to give it a look-see on a rocket. It's a LOT brighter than it looks in the video. Should work nice at next year's night launches!

Pathfinder Maiden Launch: Dual deploy rocketry in a BT-60 diameter rocket! (2011-10-13)
Perseus X4 "Eagle" liftoff on F-24 @ TORC Fest 11/6/2010 (2011-06-26)

Perseus X4 booster "Eagle" on Aerotech F-24 @ Springfiled Ohio TORC Fest 11/7/2010. Altitude, approx: 1380 feet

Perseus X4 Columbia launching on an F24-7 at TORC Fest 11/7/2010 (2011-07-05)

Perseus booster "Columbia" launching on the Aerotech F24 motor at TORC Fest Nov 7, 2010 near Springfield, OH. Altitude reached: about 1380 feet...

Test of flasher for rocket night launches (2011-07-09)

Testing a simple circuit to flash bright LED's for incorporation into a night launch system for my rockets for next year's (2011) night launches...

X6 Nesaru booster ground test (2014-01-17)

5/30/2012 ground test of the X6 Nesaru apogee deployment system. Everything passed with flying colors!

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