Rocketry Videos

By Craig Klimczak

2018 01 14 Mike IIb ESL234 CTI J145 (2018-01-19)
Mike IIb On-board Video flown at MDRA Eastern Shore Launch 234 on January 14, 2018. This video was taken with a Mobius Action Camera mounted in the avionics bay using the LiquidFyre mounting system ... [View]

2018 01 14 MDRA Christmas Tree Launch (2018-01-19)
Ground based video of Craig Klimczak's Spruce Launch Assist Module (SLAM). This tree was flown at MDRA Eastern Shore Lunch 234 in Price, MD. The tree achieved greater horizontal distance than ... [View]

60’ Rocketman Parachute Test at MDRA (2018-02-18)
Tom Cohen flew a new 60’ Rocketman Parachute on his 190 pound Red and White rocket at ESL 235. [View]

Mike-I_2.wmv (2012-01-08)
Tripoli Level 2 Certification flight at Tripoli Peoria Prefect 95 in Metamora, IL. The flight was made with a LOC EZI-65 on a AeroTech J90W-L motor. [View]

Rocket Mike 1b flying on an Aerotech J275 motor (2012-11-12)
The first high-power launch of the St. Louis Rocketry Association at Elsberry, Mo. A beautiful day with a warm breeze out of the South. Mike 1b flew to 3379 feet above ground level. [View]

Rocket Mike the Tiger II at Mid West High Power Rocket Launch (2012-11-04)
On November 3, 2012 in Princeton, IL, the rocket "Mike the Tiger II" flew at the Mid West High Power Rocket Launch event. Mike flew to 7,216 feet in altitude reaching speeds of 618 miles per hour. ... [View]

Rocket Mike-II Flight #1 on CTI-J295 (2012-04-22)
Closing out the winter flying season in Metamora, IL with the second coming of "Mike the Tiger." The J295 performed flawlessly taking Mike II to a barometer projected altitude of 5,500 feet AGL. The ... [View]

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