Rocketry Videos

By crapsack1000

29mm Rocket Streamer Recovery .MOV (2012-10-17) (NEW)
1.5"dia. rocket 60" long, Aerotech 29mm H180 motor, used a 20 ft kite tail for a streamer. [View]

Darkstar flight.mp4 (2013-02-12)
3" Darkstar flight at Tulsa Rocketry Club launch, Jan. 2013. Aerotech J315 Redline motor. Reached 2823 ft altitude. [View]

First dual deploy rocket recovery (2011-05-16)
My 1st DD flight. Altimeter was an Adept22 with drogue deployment at apogee [View]

I class Kn03 Sugar Rocket (2011-01-29) (NEW)
I call this the "Lost & Found" rocket. Scratch built 38mm diameter rocket. Motor hardware was Aerotech 38/360 casing with home made propellant of KnSU with IO. I went with streamer recovery ... [View]

June2012 DarkStar.wmv (2012-06-10)
Onboard keychain video camera. Maiden flight of Performance Rocketry 3" Dark Star. Aerotech I300T. Altitude1500'.Tulsa Rocket Club Launch 6-10-2012 [View]

Kn03 38mm H class Saucer rocket (2011-01-27)
38mm KnSB homade propellant in an Aerotech 38/360 motor case. [View]

Maiden flight of Alley Oop Rocket (2010-11-16)
Maiden flight of a rocket I named after my fathers B-17 squadron. [View]

Nike Hercules rocket flight (2011-03-14)
Maiden flight of scratch built rocket 29mm, Aerotech H180W motor [View]

Saucer rocket 29mm (2011-01-27)
Home made saucer rocket on an Aerotech G 76 motor. [View]

Saucer Rocket 38mm Kn03+Sorbitol (2011-01-14)
Home made 5 sided "saucer" with KnSB-2 bates grains of propellant in a 38/360 case. Out of ignighters so I had to use a fuse. Would have gotten up to speed quicker with an e-match and head end ... [View]

Scratch built X-15 rocket. Built buy Hal Ellis, flown on a K motor. (2010-11-17)
Scratch built X-15 rocket. Built buy Hal Ellis, flown on a K motor. [View]

Video of Blue Alley Oop (2010-11-16)
Key chain camera onboard video. [View]

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