Rocketry Videos

By csoechtig1

Big Nuke on K550W.MOV (2012-03-19)
Extended LOC Big Nuke on an Aerotech K550W Motor. Apogee at 3,682ft / Main at 700ft [View]

Dark Star 4" Dual Deploy on J415W (2012-06-20)
First Flight - High and Straight... [View]

Dark Star Ground Test.MOV (2012-06-17)
Wildman DarkStar 4" Dual Deploy with 2.5 grams of BP [View]

drogue ground test.MOV (2011-11-07)
LOC IV with e-bay and 15" pay-load section added. This is a ground test of the drogue section with 1.5 grams of BP. Plan to launch with an AT I161W plugged... Drogue pops at apogee - Main pops at ... [View]

Extended LOC IV on AT I211W (2012-03-19)
Extended LOC IV (rigged for dual deploy) flying on an AT I211W motor - - Apogee at 2,170ft / main at 500ft. [View]

High Powered Rocket on M3000 motor (2011-12-18)
Rocket launched on M3000 motor in Plant City FLorida - reached altitude of 13,500+ft [View]

HyperLOC 1600 on L900DM (2013-10-20)
HyperLOC 1600 flying on an Aerotech L900DM. It reached 6,333 ft at apogee. [View]

LDRS 31 3/4 Patriot Missile (2012-07-22)
3/4 Patriot Missile. Rocket weighs 310 lbs. at the pad. Rocket flown on a central Aerotech N2000 White Lightning, and four (4) Aerotech M1315 White Lightning motors, for a total impulse of 40,800 ... [View]

LOC Caliber ISP (2012-03-19)
LOC Precision Caliber ISP on Aerotech I161W. Apogee at 1,987ft / Main at 700 ft. [View]

LOC Hi-Tech dual deploy on H123W-M (2011-12-18)
LOC Hi-Tech modified with payload and e-bay. Launched on H123W.. Apogee at 1,980 ft / Main at 500 ft. [View]

LOC IV Dual Deploy.avi (2011-11-19)
My first dual deployment launch... I extended my LOC IV with an e-bay and 15" payload section. I used a perfect flight Statologger altimeter. The launch was on an AeroTech I161W-M. [View]

LOC IV Dual Deployment on I161W (2011-12-18)
LOC IV with 15" payload extension and e-bay. launched on AT I161W... Appogee at 1548 ft / main deploy at 500ft. [View]

Norad on H128W.MOV (2012-01-22)
LOC Norad on H128W. Altitude 2000ft+ [View]

Stratologger 100 Shop Vac Test (2012-03-17)
Testing a new Stratologger Altimeter with Shop Vac [View]

Upscale Mean Machine on J275W (2014-03-16)
Rocket stands 12 ft tall and weighed 9.5 lbs on the pad. [View]

Upscale Starship Vega on I218R u (2016-01-21)
Reached 719 ft. Successful 2 chute electronic deployment. [View]

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