Rocketry Videos

By dadicks

High-Power Rocket at Snow Ranch (2010-12-16)
Steve launches a high-power rocket on an I-211 engine (2000 feet). Shot at a LUNAR rocket launch in Snow Ranch, near Farmington, Calif. Apologies for the horrible cinematography; I'll get better. :) [View]

Rocket Launch @ Snow Ranch (2009-11-17)
High-power rocket launch at Snow Ranch. Had a literal blast at this LUNAR club event. Met many nice people, including Steve, whose baby with an H-220 engine you see here. [View]

Successful Model Rocket Launch (2010-12-14)
Max's first-ever successful launch as a member of LUNAR Launched on 11/11/10 at Snow Ranch, near Farmington, Calif. [View]

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