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Dark Matter 3D

By Wilhelm Carpenter

3D Rocketry - Dark Matter {Kit} [2011-]

 Kit parts include 2.26"x 9.5" LOC nose cone, 2.26"x 34" LOC body tube, 29mm x 11.25" motor tube, .25" thk laser cut center rings, .25"x 3" launch lug, 3- 1/8" thk center fins  and 6- 3/8" thk outer fins.



 Engine assembly with shock cord and center rings epoxied on.



 Fin set primed and sanded ready to attach with epoxy.





 Nose cone sanded with body tube sanded and spirals filled.




 Finished paint job with custom stickers.










 Launch at MWP9!


Lester Anderson (December 8, 2011)

more details please

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