Rocketry Videos

By DarkAngelSeries

Ares V Update (2009-06-24) (DELETED)
The complete building of the Ares V model rocket launch vehicle. This custom built rocket is is ready to fly when the weather gets better. Stay tuned for the launch by watching this video now! [View]

Gemini Model Rocket Launch (2008-05-29)
Following up on the success of the Saturn V rocket, the Gemini rocket is presented using the same priciples taken from the Saturn. Cluster of 3 Estes E engines, over five feet tall. [View]

Mighty Saturn V model rocket (2008-04-06)
Presented is the Mighty Saturn V rocket created with simple household items. Its carried by 3 Estes class E engines and hit a height around 1000 ft. Amazingly without a recovery system, the rocket ... [View]

Project Ares V preview (2009-06-19)
A preview to the upcoming maiden flight of the Project Ares V model rocket. Currently its still in the building stages, but will be ready for flight in two weeks. Stay tuned. [View]

Space Race of Model Rocketry (2008-05-29) (NEW)
Just something put together before launching the Saturn and Gemini rockets. [View]