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Al x 10 AVI (2011-11-19)

Presenting your launch director for LDRS 31. Are you worried? I am.

Purple People Eater Rocket 1-30-10 (2011-06-26)

Modified PML IO for dual deploy. H210 red line motor. Main set at 700 AGL and apogee was at 2057'. Oh, and the time/date stamp on the bottom right is NOT correct - which is why I have that little annotation on

Superfly Kisses the Clouds (2012-12-13)

This is my rocket Superfly which in the past thought it was a submarine. Well, we've come to terms with that incident and set the rocket on the straight and narrow as it were and today it behaved. This is from the first monthly launch for Michiana Rocketry for the year. The motor is a H170 Metalstorm and the altimeter I used here is a PerfectFlite HiAlt45k which is a GREAT altimeter. The final altitude was a little over 2500'. To find out more about our club see our web

SuperFly Rocket (2011-09-08)
Tiny Pterodayctl 1-30-10 (2011-06-28)

This is a much smaller rocket than my Purple People Eater. This is a kit built stock - no mods and is single deploy. This flight went probably to only 1000' or so. Tough to say without an altimeter on board. For some reason it decided to pinwheel on the way up and the chute apparently got tangled on the way down making the dramatic spin. Yes, the time and date stamp on the bottom right is incorrect. Motor was a F25-4 single use made by Aerotech.

Werk Zahlt (2011-12-26)

This is Chris Dale's rocket on a Aerotech J500 green motor. The rocket is extremely unusual and few really well other than a slightly longer than optimal delay. What was really surprising was the last half of the video and what it happened to capture.

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