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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Der Red Max {Kit} (651) [2007-]

Der Blue Max (2008-03-21)
This a Estes Der Red Max kit. Just painted the rocket blue and bought the decals from Excelsior Rocketry [View]
Der Red Max (2011-04-03)
Model rocket launch [View]
the DER RED MAX (2012-07-23)
this is a german rocket [View]
Upscale rocket's The Goblin drag racing Der Red Max (2012-12-01)
Drag race between two Estes classic's upscaled to 4" diameter. Der Red Max flying on a Aerotech I-285 Redline against the Goblin with a CTI J-250 Skidmark. The Redline was slow to light but both ... [View]
Der Red Max flight (2011-05-30)
This is a ten year old Der Red Max clone that I built using odds, ends and parts scrounged from other kits. (Estes has since reissued this rocket.) The parachute was one that I bought some years ... [View]
Estes Der Red Max (2011-08-13)
An estes der red max on a B6-4. Almost lost it there, thankfully the wind pushed to safety. [View]
Estes Der Red Max with onboard camera (2010-10-25)
First attempt flying Der Red Max with a keychain video camera attached. Used a B6-4 engine which resulted in an underpowered flight. The chute deployed just a few feet over the ground. [View]
Mega Der Pink Max flight (2013-02-02)
Campbell's Mega Der Pink Max rocket flew at the Austin Area Rocketry Group launch held at Hutto, Texas on February 2, 2013. The rocket was built from the Estes Mega Der Red Max kit and modified with ... [View]
Der Red Max on a J445 Blue Streak (2013-10-13)
2nd flight flew to 3,235 feet in Paige Texas [View]
Estes Rocket launch captured by Quadcopter Drone! (2013-10-25)
Launching a model rocket and filming it with multirotor helicopter Cinestar 8 with a 3-Axis Gimble and Freefly Radian Stabilizers. [View]
February 2019 TJ Crooks Der Mega Red Max Stretched (2019-02-17)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 246 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]
Model rocket launch day 9 16 18 (2018-09-17)
Estes Der Red max on a quest B-4-4 fast black jack motor......Apogee Rockets Starlift mega lander on a North Coast Rocketry F62 Darkstar Motor.....And a vintage North Coast Rocketry Archer XL on a ... [View]
Other Peoples' Rockets at BALLS 2018 (2018-09-25)
OPR: 1) A high-power drag race of oversized Der Max rockets 2) A P10000 launch, with an O3400 sustainer 3) a 3-stage rocket with 3 N motors and active stabilization and 4) air-starting 4 J motors, ... [View]
Rocket Launch Filmed by Drone (2016-08-01)
This video is about launching rockets. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard films the Estes Red Max launch while in POI mode. [View]