Descon 3-Stage Cluster Cone

Scratch - 3-Stage Cluster Cone {Scratch}

Contributed by Art Applewhite

Manufacturer: Scratch

3 Stage Cluster Cone

By Art Applewhite

This is a 3 stage, Clustered Cone rocket with 5 motors in it's full power configuration
Stage 1 - Top - 13mm A10-PT
Stage 2 - Middle - 18mm C6-0
Stage 3 - Bottom - 3 x 24mm inline motor cluster, D12-0 center, 2 x D11-P outboard

The rocket is 8" high and 9.25" in diameter at the base. It is constructed entirely out of cardstock and foambacked posterboard using white glue. All 3 stages use ultra reliable  aerobrake recovery.
  Stage 1
  Stage 2 
Stage 3
Cutaway Views
Parts - Stage 1, top leftmost, Stage 2, the rest of the top row, Stage 3, entire bottom row
Another view of the parts - Orange = posterboard, Yellow = Cardstock, White = Foam backed Posterboard
Material List
Fluorescent Posterboard
Hobby Lobby
1 Sheet
Foam-backed Posterboard
Hobby Lobby
1 Sheet
Cardstock 8.5" x 11"
2 Sheets
$0.07 ($4.97/150)


Cardstock and foamboard patterns (descon14.pdf)

2 versions were built.  The first is a 2 stage version made from 65 lb yellow cardstock and printed on a laser printer. The seconds version is the full 3 stage, cluster  made from Orange "Royal" brand posterboard shrouds, yellow cardstock motor mounts and white foam backed posterboard.
Flight Reports
August 21, 2004
2 Stage
Stage 1 - A10-PT
Stage 2 - B6-0
Good straight flight in light winds, good recovery
August 21, 2004
3 Stage cluster
Stage 1 - A10-PT
Stage 2 - B6-0
Stage 3 - D12-0, 2 x D11-P
This is the full power configuration.  Good initial Stage 3 boost on 3 "D" motors.  Stage 2 ignition was good but Stage 1 separated from Stage 2 in the middle of its boost.  Stage 2 continued to fly straight without Stage 1. All stages returned safely  because of the ultra-reliable aerobrake recovery method used for all 3 stages.
August 21, 2004
2 Stage
Stage 1 - A10-PT
Stage 2 - C6-0
Good flight with slight weather cocking in a moderate wind, good recovery

Flight Photos
First Flight
Flight 1
2 stage version waiting on the pad
Flight 1
2 stage version after flight
Flight 1
2 stage version Bottom after flight with some minor scorching on the bottom of Stage 1
Second Flight
Flight 2
3 Stage, cluster version waiting on pad
Flight 2
3 stage, cluster version after flight with some minor scorching on the top of Stage 3
Flight 2
3rd Stage landing
Third Flight
Flight 3
3 stage version being flown in 2 stage configuration using A10-PT C6-0 motors

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